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  1. CannabisJack

    July 2019 Photo Of The Month Contest

    Blissful Wizard A very potent hybrid strain that crosses Captain's Cookies and Girl Scout Cookies in a decadent fusion of lemon, lime, and cream flavours. It’s soaring THC content has won this strain 1st place in the 2015 SoCal Cannabis Cup.
  2. CannabisJack

    1st time grower needs help.

    Question, how big are your pots and have you been watering them till you see run off?
  3. CannabisJack

    Outdoor grow UK - Moby dick auto

    I literally just finished a Moby Dick grow. The high was very strong, the smoke was so cloudy/smooth, but gave me a headache once I started to come down from it. Happy growing man, keep us posted. I can’t wait to see the progress.
  4. CannabisJack

    Is this a 'banana' or just strain genetics?

    Has your plant ever been under a lot of stress prior to flowering?
  5. CannabisJack

    Still growing since Feb 4th?

    Looks like stress and lots of it. Looks to be pretty late into flowering. I would let it do it’s thing, harvest, and start fresh.
  6. CannabisJack

    Know The Signs!

    Well the PH of rain water is usually more acidic which is best for most plants, but you make a good point as well.
  7. CannabisJack

    Know The Signs!

    I see an awful lot of new growers who’ve never attempted to grow a plant let alone a Cannnabis plant. They start feeding high amounts of nutrients, growing in stronger soil than needed, and not checking their PH levels. It’s great to see the interest and this site has a lot of great users who...
  8. CannabisJack

    Outage fan to strong?

    If you’re sucking the air out of the tent and the walls are “caving” in a bit, maybe your vents are not open to allow new air flow in the tent.
  9. CannabisJack

    Grow taking longer than expected

    Could you be adding to much nutrients? Maybe your plants are on a lockout. Are you also adjusting your PH accordingly to the soil and also checking the PH after adding the plant food to your water?
  10. CannabisJack

    Will this amount of happy frog fertilizer suffice?

    The soil you were using was high acidity (so probably running a PH of 6.0 - 6.5) your plant was probably not getting the fullest extent of the soil if you were using water with a PH level 7.0 and higher. Take a spoon and a drinking glass or shot glass, take a spoon full of your soil and mix it...
  11. CannabisJack

    Will this amount of happy frog fertilizer suffice?

    Looks like nutrient burn to me. Anyway, happy growing man.
  12. CannabisJack

    Will this amount of happy frog fertilizer suffice?

    My personal opinion is to have 2 to 3 inches of space between soil and rim. So you should be fine. I see you have nitrogen burn on your fan leafs. Is this why you’re changing soil?
  13. CannabisJack

    What causes this rusting?

    What’s your PH? And what’s the PH of your soil?
  14. CannabisJack

    Will this amount of happy frog fertilizer suffice?

    How many inches would you say you are from the rim? And how many gallons is your plant in?
  15. CannabisJack

    Older Soil

    I’ve never had good luck with pro-mix. Always runs too “hot” unless I’m using the wrong stuff. Their organic blend for vegetables is 30.15.15 which always gives me nitrogen burn.
  16. CannabisJack

    Older Soil

    I think this is the answer to the question Thanks MIMedGrower for the link. Microbes in the growing media can potentially consume the fertilizer charge, especially nitrogen and iron. This may explain why crops planted in aged growing media get off to a slower start. These processes occur more...
  17. CannabisJack

    Older Soil

    So, if I were to open a bag of soil such as pro-mix or fox farm and allowed it to dry out (not even use the soil) you don’t think it would lose to much of its nutrients?
  18. CannabisJack

    Older Soil

    if you were to open a bag of “hot” soil and allow it to dry out would you lose nutrients that way? Never tried this experiment, but would like to have feedback if someone knows the answer or has tried this and what their results might have been.
  19. CannabisJack

    what strain is this?

    Looks like a white widow
  20. CannabisJack


    Your plants look like they’re getting too much nutrients. What’s your PH at after mixing your nutrients?
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