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  1. crustycorcus

    Marzcanna's Poisonous Dreams (Indoor Grow)

    Looks good! They always get a little salty after hefty trims, they get over it quickly though! If you're concerned with stretch, have you tried closing the temp differential between day/night temps to minimize it?
  2. crustycorcus

    I Plan on Growing with in a Tent with No Ventilation...

    I run a cloudline t8 in a 4x4(plans on adding another 4x4 later) and I cant even hear it next room over. Only has to be set on power level 3 out of 10. Overkill is definitely the way to go.
  3. crustycorcus

    Bongs vs Vaporizers

    I put my vape in my bong
  4. crustycorcus

    Just Starting New Guy Here

    I still go in my space about 20x a day 🤣 but knowing you get 48 or 72 hours between feedings makes it easier to not "over-love"
  5. crustycorcus

    Just Starting New Guy Here

    Taking notes helps as well. After a couple weeks in a container, your ladies will show obvious patterns in how they feed. Having it documented/dated can make it to where you don't even need to go check on them most days.
  6. crustycorcus

    Help Guys!! What happened here!!?

    I think people are going to want more information? This looks like a standard reveg
  7. crustycorcus

    Plants are Flipping too Early

    14/10 is kinda close to 12/12. I run 18/6 and sometimes 24hr veg cycles. To my knowledge, the presence of pollen shouldn't trigger flowering. Second pic is a boy
  8. crustycorcus

    Marzcanna's Poisonous Dreams (Indoor Grow)

    I use a watering can like an old fart 🤣🤣 it works well though, and holds exactly what an individual mature plant needs in my space. Airflow is huge to me as well! I run 4 oscillating fans, 2 @ canopy level, 2 at the roots and one non-oscillating in the center of my plants ground level pointed at...
  9. crustycorcus

    Help with identifying if male or female

    Definitely with @mysticepipedon on this one
  10. crustycorcus

    Just Starting New Guy Here

    Take a container the same size you're growing in and fill it with soil. Bring it in your space and compare to containers you think need watering. Their weights obviously won't be identical, but should be close enough to give you a decent idea.
  11. crustycorcus

    Just Starting New Guy Here

    Careful with the FF bottles. Pushrod has a couple solid suggestions for something simple. One of those or pure blend pro would work well. Easier than other products. What type of Pro mix? I run HP, I love it. Just gotta start feeding a little sooner than other mediums. I start feeding around a...
  12. crustycorcus

    Tumble & Smash, Animal's making some hash!

    Squish any hash yet? Researching presses as we speak. Hoping to convince my wife that I "need" one 😅 plan on mostly pressing hash but would like the ability to smush flower as well. Looking good though brother, along for the ride!
  13. crustycorcus

    Marzcanna's Poisonous Dreams (Indoor Grow)

    Your ladies are lookin their prime on spa day!! Do you always feed with a sprayer, or just tea days? Definitely doesn't look like air movement is an issue in your space lol
  14. crustycorcus

    Marzcanna's Poisonous Dreams (Indoor Grow)

    I'm planning on building some screens out of 100/170/200 mesh silk screen.
  15. crustycorcus

    Marzcanna's Poisonous Dreams (Indoor Grow)

    I'm just getting back to growing after stopping for a decade or so. Came back and there's a lot more breeders to choose from, was a bit overwhelming. Found a reasonably priced new company (here on the forums actually), Destiny Exotic Genetics with some really nice gear so I went with him. I...
  16. crustycorcus

    Marzcanna's Poisonous Dreams (Indoor Grow)

    My current runs trim/lowers are going to be dry sifted then ran through bubble bags. Been watching a lot of Frenchy Cannoli videos lately, got me wanting to keep hash around more
  17. crustycorcus

    Marzcanna's Poisonous Dreams (Indoor Grow)

    Once US seed banks started showing their faces and customs became more of a pain in the ass, it just doesn't make sense for us to shop overseas anymore. Not sure I've ever seen Nirvana sold here. Or I'd gladly buy a few packs. Them and KC Brains used to be my jam.
  18. crustycorcus

    Marzcanna's Poisonous Dreams (Indoor Grow)

    PPP was a legend when I got started in all this. Been about that long since I seen someone run Nirvana genetics. Do they have a US distributor these days? Subbed your YT channel, give us content! 😆
  19. crustycorcus

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    O Face by Destiny Exotic Genetics
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