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    Can someone help with my ventilation problem..

    yeah i agree. you will lose half of your cfm's by doing that. i would get a high powered 6in inline fan and run it straight pull pull through your filter and the hood and out the fan. get a fan with at least 400 cfm and you will be good with a 400 banger. good luck and stay safe out there. RD
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    Further tour 2011

    thats cool, shows have been drawing a good crowd. but yeah im ready to get my feets a tappin'.
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    Further tour 2011

    Has anyone been to any of there shows on the east coast? the sets they have been playing are looking incredible. im going to a few coming up. ill be reppin the wings. RD:cool0041:
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    New gens and projects....

    damn all those sound a trip to the dentist my just be around the corner... although i love the sweet as my waske and bake. its kind of like smokeable breakfast... RD
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    New gens and projects....

    wow monkeys paw huh? i havent seen that one since 05-06. i always got my testers mota. thank you. the anxious to run the svs. i have wanted a old school skunker in the garden for awhile now. everyone i ask votes choco d x chem o so we shall see what will come. they will be in grow blocks...
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    First wave of 2011 up and running....

    yep you got it, its ment to be amended to the growers liking, i think it even says that on the bag. but i thnk the potting soil is good stuff straight out the bag. thanks dude i will start posting some pics once they get some legs. RD
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    First wave of 2011 up and running....

    i can get the 707 in 3 cuft bags, but the potting soil comes in 1.5 cu/ft bags.
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    Status updates

    now im confused...when is this drop happening now? any minute or what? i dont know what 4:20 spanish time is here any more....
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    First wave of 2011 up and running....

    hey dude, i use 3 gal pots as there final flowering pots. and i usually veg for 30 days or so, whenever they get some nice solid growth into them so that i nice root ball is starting to form. then its flower time. the white coughs will be flowered with roots organic potting soil, and the rest...
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    First wave of 2011 up and running....

    hello folks. started my first wave of new beans fro the 2011 year and i was 6/6 so not a bad start for the new year i must say. since its winter that took a feew days longer to get bove ground than usual, but they all made it. i have 2 x kksc x the whte(ogr fem-killer), 2 x strawberrydawg...
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    flushing question

    another thing buddy is just be carful not to add toooo much perlite as it will dry out way too fast and you will have to water/feed on the regular. RD
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    roots organic soil

    the roots potting soil is some quility stuff and you could prob get away with only watering them for the first 30 days or so. then you might need to kick in some cal-mag and possibly some extra N depending on how long you veg. The past few runs i have used the 707 and it works great, however it...
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    flushing question

    I think TG hit the nail on the head here. i have seen a positive response this wave by feeding more often but with lower nute strength. they seem to flush easier this way too. RD:icon_spin:
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    Alpha D x dbl strawberry D , Super Glue x Kali Mist BX1

    what up farmers. i have a few of both of these strains in the garden now. alpha d is on wk 7 and sg x km bx1 is on wk 6. i got them as freebies here from the farm and was wondering if anyone had any info on them. flowering times? etc. boths strains are really dank. the alpha d x dbl strw d is...
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    UnderDawg Numero Uno

    congrats on the great start dude 4/4 is awesome.. i got a female on the last run and it turned out dank. def take her the full 70 days for a great diesel smell. she did yeild good and the high is nice and smooth. the buds are really fluffy and have great bag appeal. thanks for sharing. RD
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    400 watt enough

    yeah i agree. 400w is plenty for a closet. i would aim for 4-5 nice size plants at max under the 400w. any more than that and you will get some serious stretching.(trust me haha). and you might want to try an air cooled hood to vent your heat and a little ocilating fan to give your plants a...
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    alphakronic spacedawg x snowdawg

    yeah it was a 9-10 weeker. it was ready at 9 but i took her to bout 67 days. i do have pics but right now my comp is down with a virus or something. so no pics right now. i used a 3 gal pot and yeilded pretty could. it was untopped tho, prob would have done better topped. my next run is topped...
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    alphakronic spacedawg x snowdawg

    i just finshed running the chem d x spacedawg from alph and it was some decent smoke. had a great smell. not really a knock out stone, but a good buzz. im about to flip my 2nd gen run on her here soon. this strain showed alot of purple in the stems and was a heavy feeder. she yeilded good too.
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    Strawberry Dog @ auction

    just an alil update for anyone interested in this cross. the plant i ran was a resin monster and really chunked up. even lower nuggs were really solid. his a really creamy smell to her after a week cure. she yeilded great too. little over 2 1/2 zips from one ladie under a 400w. i would love to...
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    Newbie Intro and Question

    yeah ebb and flow does work great. i would say you might need to add an exhuast fan to get rid your hot air in your grow area. but other than that some pics of your grow room would be great RD
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