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    Thousands of microscopic translucent/white bugs that look like ants in coco?

    Ok you guys give me a brake I was say ing it works on eggs and pest it just came out wrong smoking - nd text typing on I pad not the best combo, and what do you think he should use your jokes might work ,
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    Help with nute's for first time COCO run.

    I have done well with cns17 veg flower ripe big bud hydroplex Epsom salts calmag I am running a tweaked hoogan4000 nutrient line up check out his post on his raceway tables ..good luck bro
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    White Urkle in Coco, CO2, Dual-Arc, 2nd Grow Log!

    This guy is funny iam a fag but he wonders about big dildos.
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    Returning marijuana to a dispensary

    A gram that gram was planted grown hung to dry then comes a trimer then cured then sold to a co op or a middle man then to a co op that pays employs lights power ext ,and you can now get your weed with out being robed and or shot . And you picked this weed out. even if it had the same name and...
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    Coco 12k flip, 2 room mini-split paradise, raceway tables

    man I can't weight to see this thing takeoff . I am sticking around for the raceways kill it my man
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    Thousands of microscopic translucent/white bugs that look like ants in coco?

    Mite eggs ... Asa ax works ok but it's a on going battle at best ... I have been told judo is the shit but can't find it..
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    Can I blow -20f outside air thru my hoods safely?

    No do not you will f... Your gear up and at worst your home to
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    White Urkle in Coco, CO2, Dual-Arc, 2nd Grow Log!

    Your cool I just lost it a bit it's still my opinion that not stating yield is pointless with a one light grow and posting your yield would only enhance your counturbution to the forum .the hole wife thing was in bad taste and I am sorry.I know you requested a pm I just wanted to make it right.....
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    White Urkle in Coco, CO2, Dual-Arc, 2nd Grow Log!

    This log is truly unhelpful to anyone trying to grow there own meds if you do not state yield you suck and should stop posting I think your meds looked top shelf but if I yield under 1# a light it won't last me I smoke and so dose my wife and this guys wife comes by all the time for a lil fun...
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    HELP! Plants are looking awful

    Mag is needed and your over watering bad dry for 2 or 3 days then add Epsom salt to your feed feed at 700 ppm a gallon for every 6 plants
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    Having problems with bud developement

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    HELP! Plants are looking awful

    Your ppm might be to high
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    To Flip or Not to flip?

    Flip them now they stretch about 4 times in UC ... Good luck let us know how it works out
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    Lights per house

    From what I have seen and have been told 10 to 15 is cool .....I would like to get some input from anyone that has run 20 or more for a year plus
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    Lights per house

    Hey guys ..I have been asked many times how many 1k lights can you run in a home with out sticking out ... A lot of people will say if your legal who gives a crap ..but no mater the legal status of your grow... You can be put in jail or vandalized on a cop by cop basis ...or county by county so...
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    10k,sealed room, coco roots, raceway table.

    Nice work my man ...hogan turned me on to coco and I am not going back to UC for a while.. Let me know how those raceways pull
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    HELP! Plants are looking awful

    I run my coco at 1000 ppm min in flower and water 2 times a day and flush 1 time a week you have 2 water more it's not dirt
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    Growing medical marijuana for a living...

    This is not baking cake you need to have risk reward
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    How much are dispensaries donating for a pound of top shelf meds

    People need money and this is not the game for lazy people or cry babies this is not me taking a shot at anyone it's just the truth
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    Tree grow, best strain

    I am talking trees
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