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  1. _VLAD_

    For Sale Meraki Genetics Seedbank

    Out of those 3 strains which do you think tastes the best and is the strongest? In that order
  2. _VLAD_

    For Sale Meraki Genetics Seedbank

    Yeah ive been reading about them for past few months, im just waiting on fems then ill place an order
  3. _VLAD_

    Grow room set up help

    You either need to clean and paint that closet or measure it and see what tent you can get that will fit. With the tent it would be easier to direct air in/out of the grow area to control temp/humidity. Paint the walls white, you could then cover it with mylar if you chose. Ppm and PH pens...
  4. _VLAD_

    Dbl Sour D, Blue Dream, & Lemon Skunk... Oh My!

    Would be awesome if I could get that actual BD. May have already mentioned in this thread but im running HSO BD @ 25 days 12/12. My more sativa leaning one looks close to yours, but obviously totally different You got some awesome stuff going on, im tuned in
  5. _VLAD_

    Are these ready for Flowering?

    Id def go ahead and start them, maybe the genetics but they look a little stretched, id try to keep light closer to keep them compact because they will double in size
  6. _VLAD_

    Are these ready for Flowering?

    How tall are they now? How old? And how much room do you have with light all the way up?
  7. _VLAD_

    Efficient AC unit for 4x4 grow tent

    Windows are alot more efficient since they keep the condenser outside which is where all the heat is. Ive got an 8k btu it works decent for my setup.
  8. _VLAD_

    Newbie Strawberry cough indoor grow

    Where did you get the strawberry cough from?
  9. _VLAD_

    First time 31. Does it look ok?

    Looks damn good too me. How tall you plan on going? How tall is it now? What light? Strain?
  10. _VLAD_

    Hemp farmin 2021 on a budget

    That explains it then. I enjoyed the smell but not all the public servants protecting the bullshit.
  11. _VLAD_

    Hemp farmin 2021 on a budget

    Oh yeah you cant do wrong with john deere and kubota. John deere carries its own price tag unfortunately but they seem to still make decent products
  12. _VLAD_

    Hemp farmin 2021 on a budget

    The folks across the street here did I dunno 50-100 acres of hemp for 2 years straight and it looks like this year its corn. Has the price dropped? From the way rednecks were talking around here they were making really good money, just wondering if market has fell out or what? It was a big deal...
  13. _VLAD_

    1 week before harvest, one plant still has white pistils?

    Your avatar isnt that crazy computer programmer off of 8chan is it?
  14. _VLAD_

    How much do I defoliate here

    Im spraying mine woth butane, ive considered getting bubble bags to make hash but that may wait until later harvests
  15. _VLAD_

    Giveaway Free Test - Spider Farmer SE3000 LED and SF Grow Tent

    See if I have better luck this time!!!! #spiderfarmerSE3000
  16. _VLAD_

    Day 31---- Trim and Flip to Flower?

    Im not familiar with that type of light, madmax seems to know whats up. As far as trimming the branches I wish I would have taken off the bottom 2 nodes of the more indica leaning one since its so thick and bushy. Im not a veteran at this by no means, but I would think that energy focused on...
  17. _VLAD_

    Dreamnfox moves his grow indoors

    Drying before trimming? Thats same thing I plan on doing myself, to slow the dry like you say
  18. _VLAD_

    12 plants in an 8x4 day 19 of flower

    Not sure exactly what pheno/strain was used on that SC wax I had but it tasted EXACTLY like strawberries. Blew my mind 👍
  19. _VLAD_

    1 week before harvest, one plant still has white pistils?

    Read alot about bohdis gear, keep us updated with pics and smoke report if you dont mind
  20. _VLAD_

    12 plants in an 8x4 day 19 of flower

    Keep us updated on the strawberry cough. Been reading alot about it lately, had some wax from detroit that was SC, was simply amazing.
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