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  1. Green81

    my last thread (i mean it this time lol)

    those last pics are amazing I remember seeing that thread, ultra uniform canopy, sick!
  2. Green81

    my last thread (i mean it this time lol)

    Wow, half-baked, those tents look a picture of health, any chance you can get hold of supercharged, I've private messages him but haven't got any response. Need to speak before tuesday, safe bro
  3. Green81

    a new beginning

    Amazing plants, amazing light, ++ grow skills. Looking forward to this one :)
  4. Green81

    Snowblinds Macro World...

    Excellent photos and crazy resin. Lookin forward to more! G81
  5. Green81

    Smoking Marajuana doesen't effect lungs

    Can you just convince the governments to read the reports then we can have some progress removing these crazy Draconian laws. Can't wait to light one tonight. Peace y'all G81
  6. Green81

    Tale of two Afghans (full-term fluorescent grow)

    not sure you saw this bro, as it was the last post on the prior page.
  7. Green81

    Gavita pro 600 / LEP 300 PLASMA test

    The Macro shots are insane, trick coverage galore. G81
  8. Green81

    what happened???

    Use a trusted soil/compost company and feed light, you only need full strength nutes if you've got big old plants. Also since your starting u again why don't you try Coco Coir. You'll never look back. Peace G81
  9. Green81

    Tale of two Afghans (full-term fluorescent grow)

    Looking very good Lynk, how about a little training for those girls, why don't you super-crop the main leaders and raise the pots a few inches? , this will then give more of an even spread of light to both of your girls. peace g81
  10. Green81

    Phosphoload, Gravity, Bushmaster, Topload, and Flower Dragon are TOXIC!

    lol Logic, I'm ere. Very informative bro. Mystery ingredients + very toxic. Seems to me the horti regulators needed to tighten up their belts. Peace G81
  11. Green81

    1st grow in Maui

    Good luck on this grow brutha
  12. Green81

    Correct Terminology: Strain vs. Variety

    Variety is a natural occurring cross of the same species, cultivar has had human intervention to create it. When describing things in the plant world it goes like this Genus. >. species > Variety. Or Cultivar G81. Hope that helps P.s. Sometimes you get crosses between different species...
  13. Green81

    good morning

    Welcome m8, have fun here. G81
  14. Green81

    In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, uh, Gavita?

    Jeez, pretty flowers man. :) G81
  15. Green81

    pheno hunt in coco sannies seeds

    Looking really good, nice selection
  16. Green81

    joint compound here

    Hey m8, tips, tips? Stick to basic nutes, don't use any additives. G81
  17. Green81

    Gavita pro 600 / LEP 300 PLASMA test

    Happy Christmas one and all! The gavita 600 run pretty cool, was very surprised by there low amounts of heat and the lep I would go so far to say its runs cool to the touch. The light spread mans no hotspots using the gavita 600. Herb, stellar job. Crazy amount of ripening buds there...
  18. Green81

    cuttings slow to take off

    What's your humidity too? Needs to be at least 40% relative.
  19. Green81

    cuttings slow to take off

    That's sounds like lumen shock, the first week, maybe just 1 600 hung as high as you can over those little cuttings, week 2 introduce the second light and so on. Hope that helps bro. G81
  20. Green81

    Gavita pro 600 / LEP 300 PLASMA test

    Looking massive already, lols, u got another 30 days for them too! :)
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