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  1. Ignignokt

    Fox Farm???

    I like da ocean forest, outside. Worm casing tea as innoculant. Indoors, it be coco.
  2. Ignignokt

    Wifi soil sensor's

    I've found something that works pretty well with these Xiaomi sensors. Push notifications on moisture levels or temp or ... Install this on a Raspberry Pi. You don't have to use a cloud account unless you want notifications Per container, this is pretty cheap on small scale and not exactly...
  3. Ignignokt

    Should I trim low laying branches?

    I grow in coco as well - and you make a fair statement about directing growth. I try to find other analogs for cannabis, there is much to learn from how other plants are actively cultivated. Grapes are perhaps the best example of optimizing the fruiting process however the dynamics are...
  4. Ignignokt

    How times have changed.

    Oh, you have no idea. ( perhaps you do. if so, apologies ) When I took my first toke, they ( the man ) were putting people in prison for 20 years for two joints. You have two, so that is more than one and distribution of a controlled narcotic. And folks wondered why Janice said that...
  5. Ignignokt

    Lets see your 2019 outdoor plants!

  6. Ignignokt

    Should I trim low laying branches?

    TL;DR When I had copious time to pursue this question - I was surprised at the ideas expressed. From defoliation to almost BDSM methods with all kinds of justification. It seems that personality is perhaps expressed in methodology followed. I'd mention that I think of it as a system...
  7. Ignignokt

    Wifi soil sensor's

    I looked at smartbee some time ago. I liked the system, but not the prices mostly because I could do better myself with the hardware and code. I toyed with the idea of entering that market - but I have a terrible habit of wanting to give shit away that would have had partners planning my...
  8. Ignignokt

    Clone advise

    Something I heard about recently for rooting ( I haven't tried it with cannabis yet ) is willow water. Basically water that has macerated, first year growth willow branches steeped in water overnite. The hormone auxin is plentiful in willows and they tend to root when you really didn't want...
  9. Ignignokt

    Mycorrhizal Fungi And Coco?

    Indeed. Nature sends in the workers when there is work to be done. It took microbes to turn this rock we live on into a garden. The oxygen we take for granted wasn't delivered, it was created as a side effect of such things. You often don't have to do much to encourage nature's help...
  10. Ignignokt

    Wifi soil sensor's

    You should check out these then. The work with Android phones, I use a Samsung Tablet to read the ones I have.
  11. Ignignokt

    Wifi soil sensor's

    Most of the sensors are BTLE (bluetooth, low energy) that seem practical. I've been experimenting with the xiaomi plant sensor and raspberry pi. I got 6 of these I have been looking at this as a homebrew project for some long time and I have worked with quite a few sensors and looked at...
  12. Ignignokt

    Help with clones?

    I wouldn't recommend the neem unless you have a mite problem. The Neem could be why this happens, IMHO. And that isn't something you just do for the hell of it.
  13. Ignignokt


    May I suggest Coco for the next run? Soil is actually more difficult for some folks. If you really want to push nutrients and do that whole guiding the boat thing - Coco is your medium. Soil (because complexity) requires patience and that green thumb touch - a sense of how that dance...
  14. Ignignokt

    Help with clones?

    Powdery Mildew. You can clean and clean - a good idea but that will not eliminate the local spores. You have to defeat the conditions that allow it. I've used Green Cure. Its cheap and works well. If you are misting these while they are rooting, you should probably mix it in with the...
  15. Ignignokt

    What causes this curling/canoeing downwards?

    I would agree that over-watering gets you there as well and @MIMedGrower knows his shit better than most. I have to admit I saw the lemon juice reference and well, I kinda lost it as I was slow to figure out my well water issue. I think that over-watering yields a higher effective ph at the...
  16. Ignignokt

    Deficiencies- Looking for some direction

    I own several PH meters and I rarely trust them implicitly, individually - however I will accept a quorum. I gotta say - the red cabbage idea is good. Back in the day - that was the standard for pool water and alot more. Depending on the sensing technology - and how consistently the sensor...
  17. Ignignokt

    What causes this curling/canoeing downwards?

    I'm simply not going to ask about the lemon juice. I have very acid water from my well - ph 5.4 on a good day. I have to shift that on anything I grow in containers ( especially soil, because it has a memory like an elephant ) to the more sane range of 6-6.5. I see just what you see...
  18. Ignignokt

    Ants And Plants

    I left a half-used bag of Canna out. Just enough moisture and a wonderful environment for roots. So, I don't do THAT anymore.
  19. Ignignokt

    Ph 5.1 Overwater Or Wait It Out?

    My well emits a steady 5.4 ph. Practically ideal for pure coco but not very nice on the plumbing. Seedlings do not like it much - even in coco. To grow in soil I have to correct it up otherwise it always sours the soil after some weeks.
  20. Ignignokt

    russet mites

    Apologies if you found my assertions offensive but I didn't want to just have the suggestion to use that product left without discussion. I have no experience with that product. Mite infestations range from simple irritation to full on emergencies. I'd rather do scorched earth than spray and...
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