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  1. Ezlyfe

    In House Genetics??

    I just dropped dropped couple in house platinum silk johnsons in to germinate they came as freebies with the black cherry pie, black cherry punch, and slurricane i grabbed from in house when I lost my mind buying seeds being in lock down. The Grandi Flora one I bought are th ones I'm excited to...
  2. Ezlyfe

    Not topping?

    Lmao try and live in reality
  3. Ezlyfe

    Scheduling plants that are at different ages in the same tent.

    Water in the evenings lightly don't over water, keep ur plants healthy throughout and if u plant in containers they tend to finish a little faster imo but don't handle poor weather quite as good as plants with roots in the ground find what works for u modify yearly for better results its a...
  4. Ezlyfe

    Scheduling plants that are at different ages in the same tent.

    usually by 3 rd week of July there is preflowers when the plants are getting just above 14 hrs of light. Last year most of my plants were preflower by the end of 2nd week of July. We have horrible humidity here all spring summer and fall 80-90% heavy dews every morning by mid sept. I defoliate...
  5. Ezlyfe

    Scheduling plants that are at different ages in the same tent.

    I'm in northern Ontario canada. I grow big girls every year they finish first week of oct mostly be nice to get on more week but when u start early and keep em healthy u should have no issues where u live in Vermont
  6. Ezlyfe

    Corona virus and Marijuana

    USA is heading for a disaster I'd bet 2nd only to India in total deaths when its over US Fed gov failure of their citizens. trump leaves governors to fight over medical supplies amongst themselves feel sorry for all Americans right now
  7. Ezlyfe

    UK or USA based Seedbanks

    If you want seed banks to answer your questions email them directly on their websites probably have better success getting the info ur after
  8. Ezlyfe

    Leaf tips browning. Why?

    There is no small amount of bugs lol bugs do all sort of different types of damage
  9. Ezlyfe

    Help with Nutrient issue please (may have posted this twice sorry)

    Looks like bug damage and the last pic has little spots on back side of leaf should scope ur plant for bugs pic isn't great could be something else but I would start there myself. Good luck
  10. Ezlyfe

    Two of six seedlings drooping

    He says popped high u say stretched both same thing light was too far away
  11. Ezlyfe

    Two of six seedlings drooping

    was previously 35" per manufactures suggestion but they were stretching
  12. Ezlyfe

    Slow germination/seedling growth

    U can see the seed left a thin membrane around the cotyledones was ur hands and be very gentle and remove in at membrane they will open right up
  13. Ezlyfe

    What could this be? Blue ice auto. Around 39 days old

    Keep a eye on the pro mix one it will become a problem once the buffers are gone
  14. Ezlyfe

    What could this be? Blue ice auto. Around 39 days old

    Pro mix tomatoe and herb is like the rest of pro mix and requires ph'ing to 5.8-6.2 get to know the product u are growing in is spaghnum moss not soil even though they call it pro mix soil however it is not soil and needs to be treated the same as pro mix BX and HP there is only spaghnum moss...
  15. Ezlyfe

    Help problems plant dropping in coco

    Cooler temps can cause drooping as well
  16. Ezlyfe

    What can i put on seedlings

    I had a good laugh at that shit thanks nice to start the day off with a hard laugh
  17. Ezlyfe

    Remove or not?

    Always good to keep ur mind busy i know all about that. And maybe ease up on ferts a little u have leaf tip curling slightly in one pic it can be signs of too much nitrogen
  18. Ezlyfe

    Remove or not?

    Ur plant looks good and ur welcome. small things make the big differences when growing herb I've found over the years and there is no better way to learn than read and put into practice what u've learned that will apply to ur specific method for growing. Lots of great growers on this site to...
  19. Ezlyfe

    Remove or not?

    Read on water alkalinity
  20. Ezlyfe

    Remove or not?

    If your water has very low ppm add cal/mag to get the ppm to 150 -200 ppm then add ferts to the desired ppm. Good luck with your grow
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