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    Yeah, I've had quite a few plants with buds like that. Kushes, kush hybrids, indicas, all kinds of stuff. I had a 91 Dragons with similar bud structure.
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    Mother of the hybrid in the prior post.
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    Pre98 bubba s1 x ( Purple Wreck x Blue Moonshine )
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    Multi 8-10wk Strain And 2 Autos

    All this game takes is a lil experience and you'll have it down in no time. Impressive garden!
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    Arduino Project Ideas! What'chya Got?

    Glad this thread was started. Started reading into this stuff last winter. Going to try and master it this winter so I might need to pick a few brains. I actually have a few esp and maybe an onion lying around somewhere. Look into the onion if you guys havent...incredible.
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    Electric Sky Es 300 Tester Thread

    Good looking grow. Was going to ask a bunch of light questions but I'll dig through your thread.
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    Post your Organic Soil Mix

    Been using it for the last few grows and I love it. The only thing I add is light feedings of fish ferts. High N for veg, high P for flower, of course. I usually use only Neptune's harvest but switched it up a lil and use Earth Juice grow for veg and Neptune's Harvest rose and flower for flower.
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    Purple D & Black Bubba

    Grow should be nice. Awesome strain names but would be some horrible cell mates hahaha.
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    Dark Fire-DPD x fire og bx 91 Dragons
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    Junk's Growing Log

    Damnit man! Those are beautiful!
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    Post your Organic Soil Mix

    Simple mix here Promix organic potting soil Worm castings Lime Epsom salt Jobes organic fruit and nut granular
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    Quantum Boards

    Nice! I always mix the 80 and 90 too because they peak at different nm.
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    1000w Cmh Vs 800w Cobs Side By Side

    Very nice thread. Now, are my eyes playing tricks on me or are the plants in the middle stretching less?
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    Im Sticking To Hps For The Win, Not Mars Led

    Using a combo of hps and COBs. Not even the best COBs. Some cheap ass citizen chips. Only difference I can tell from using 2 400w hps vs 1 400w hps and around 400w of COBs is the heat. Lot cooler with the COBs.
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    Not planning on it but you never know. Depends on what other males show themselves.
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    91 Dragons...last one is a male
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    Verdant Greens pre98 bubba s1
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    Buddy's Indoor Organic Blueberry Grow

    Beautiful grow buddy!
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