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  1. Thedude4200


    Hey guys this is my first time training. It’s an auto blueberry outdoor. And she’s doing great. New growth every day. It’s at about day 25...I’m just curious if this looks correct and what happens now? Thanks!!!
  2. Thedude4200

    First LST - Tying Down Autoflowers? Too late?

    Looks good man. I usually start LST a little sooner and bend her first at the bottom with and anchor and then the top. But it looks good man. Now u can start to take her around the pot in a circle or whatever u see fit. Ur definitely on the right path I think. Best of luck!!
  3. Thedude4200

    Is this pre flower?

    Outdoor Auto blueberry. She’s about 40 days in and 17 inches tall. All organic. Just curious if this is pre flower stage. And how how long till she’s done do you guys think. Thanks !
  4. Thedude4200

    Need help!! I split my plant right at the base of where I topped it

    Looks like ur already taking the right steps. That’s about all u can really do is create a cast for her... hope she pulls thru!
  5. Thedude4200

    LST correct or not?

    Hey guys. Blueberry auto. Outdoor. About 2 weeks old. Has a few nodes on her. This is my first attempt for trying LST. Just asking if this looks correct. I plan to circle it around the pot once she takes off. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Thedude4200

    Auto flowering already???

    Thanks for the info!! I’m almost thinking the white hairs are even the sex finally showing the more I look at her... I guess we will see . Thanks again!!
  7. Thedude4200

    Auto flowering already???

    Hey guys. I have a blueberry auto. Outdoor grown. All organic. It’s on day 28. Not the biggest. But I thought it should still be in veg state until I saw little white pistils on the very top... is this even possible lol or am I not getting something? Any advice is appreciated!!!!
  8. Thedude4200

    Discoloration • tip burnt• white spots

    Thanks man! I really appreciate it!
  9. Thedude4200

    Discoloration • tip burnt• white spots

    I think so man... lol she’s doin great... I just didn’t know if this was something to worry about for later on down the road. But thanks for the advise!!!
  10. Thedude4200

    Discoloration • tip burnt• white spots

    Hey guys! Quick question. I have a outdoor blueberry auto. It’s about 17 days old. I always pH balance my water and go easy on the nutes... I’m kinda confused right now tho. I can’t tell if this is a pH problem or nute deficiency or even possibly a bug problem. I know it doesn’t look like much...
  11. Thedude4200

    Seedling help

    They are stretching for light. Use a tooth pick or straw to support that stem and put more light on her!
  12. Thedude4200

    Anyone know what this could be from

    Insect damage? I would definitely start using some sort of organic pesticide
  13. Thedude4200

    Bent stem!

    You can see the small bend towards the bottom by the soil
  14. Thedude4200

    Bent stem!

    Hey guys. Got a slight problem. My outdoor blueberry auto plants ate 11 days old and looking great. Nice green leafs and rapid growth. Butttt...... after seeing the stem was a little to long and weak from lack of sunlight from the beginning of my grow I decided to top my soil and water. When I...
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