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  1. Greenjourneyman

    Maybe an odd question but I was shocked...

    It’s the pith. Or you had a boring pest
  2. Greenjourneyman

    New genetics in a de house

    Very first flowers of the Ice. (Picture 1). old school strain new to me. Looking forward to how it finishes. And the nitro lemon haze doing is stretch thing. (Picture 2) I know excuse rather acid burn. Turns out my pH has been off for about 2 months now. Oop! But I got one of them yellow...
  3. Greenjourneyman

    Very Slow Flowering at Week 3! Help!

    Sativas are generally on a 10-1a week cycle rather then the 8 you want it to be.
  4. Greenjourneyman

    Basement lab

    Sooo. Even after a while of doing this we make super stupid mistakes. I’ve just corrected a major problem. it appears for the last month or two I’ve been poisoning the shit out of my poor plants with acid. Nute pH has been in the 4 range. not sure if my probe died or what. But stupid...
  5. Greenjourneyman

    New grower, need a little help and input

    Also too young to add any nutrients wait for 3rd or 4th leave node. but definitely get it out of the paper cup. There bad juju
  6. Greenjourneyman

    First Attempt at Cloning - Not Going Well

    I would check your pH. Make sure your in the 6.2-7.1 range.
  7. Greenjourneyman

    Solo Cup Challenge - Inspired by Bean throwing Day

    And so ends the one bud breeding experiment. didnt realize I was over the end of the challenge. But chopped down the Midget today. I squeezed one of the lower buds, sadly I didn’t feel any seeds. But we’ll see once it dries and I grind up that cola. I would also like to echo Fudge. I’m...
  8. Greenjourneyman

    Giveaway Free Test - Spider Farmer SE3000 LED and SF Grow Tent

    #spiderfarmerSE3000 just for funsies
  9. Greenjourneyman

    New genetics in a de house

    Totally is. I do that all the time. Even the plants I posted above some will stretch but just bury all the stretch. the magic of biology will convert the buried stem matter into root matter
  10. Greenjourneyman

    What are these tiny orange bugs?? possibly these nasty little guys?
  11. Greenjourneyman

    New genetics in a de house

    Sorry for the photo bomb OD. very exciting for me. 8 positive pops on all new genetics 🧬 in da haus! First grow on the Afghani, Crystal, and Golden Nugget. second grown on the Lemon Twist. Grow on man!
  12. Greenjourneyman

    Basement lab

    Finally got around to planting more of the seeds I bought way back in January. we got Afghani, Crystal, citrus twist all poking up here. NEW GENETICS IN DA HAUS!!
  13. Greenjourneyman

    Solo Cup Challenge - Inspired by Bean throwing Day

    Hey Fudge and Grownsince. im still lurking in the background here. Still nothing impressive on weight, only really got one good nugget out of the auto flower. you right I did pollinate, unfortunately I’m still not seeing any signs of seed development. I hope my timing on the pollination was...
  14. Greenjourneyman

    What to use for ph down.

    So it seems to me that the originator of this thread is not familiar with the amazing new invention called a search engine. You can type literally anything into it and get some results to your inquiry. I would try “Hydro ph down” Or “maybe cannabis ph down”
  15. Greenjourneyman

    Plants not flowering at day 18

    My guess is the fact their sativa dominat, which can take up to 12 weeks for the fulll flowering cycle. You can see the new growth from the stretch, so their doing what they should. didn’t anyone tell you, patience is the more important growers tool?
  16. Greenjourneyman

    Is this almost ready 1st grow

    You want all those white pistils to turn reb and you want the trichcombes milky to amber. some mentioned buying a jewelry loupe. That is your best bet. Like Nate said expect 10 weeks from the point you flip to 12/12 light that’s 70 days. how many days you at? Or you could ignore us all...
  17. Greenjourneyman

    Do plants stop eating in late flower?

    Sorry Nate, I grow soil so I’m not sure. But I just wanted to say we’ve come a long way in a year!! your flower is looking really good man!
  18. Greenjourneyman

    A place to post Seeds to give away / trade

    true that almost every seed bank has an Afghani varietal. I bought some from a joint in the uk. Hopefully putting them in soil soon.
  19. Greenjourneyman

    A place to post Seeds to give away / trade

    It’s not A bad thought though. I know someone shipped a bunch of his Fbomb to folks. we really could get a grass roots seed bank going. Like minded people trading seeds.
  20. Greenjourneyman

    Newbie here. Need opinions on lighting brand

    you right man. Chapter they might be. But hey also got me to self sufficiency. So goal accomplished. it’s a fine line to get the best that you can afford and still try to reach your max goal. there are better lights out there, more and less expensive. These work for me and grow some weed...
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