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  1. CosmoGrows

    For Sale Meizhi 900W/KINGLed 1000W - Blurples

    Thats what im hoping for - Not trying to make mad bank, just want to help someone out with my "hand-me-downs". Both lights work perfectly, the KINGLed, maybe could use a bit of a cleaning but it doesnt effect performance, i grew some really nice buds with these blurples. Venmo, Cashapp...
  2. CosmoGrows

    For Sale Meizhi 900W/KINGLed 1000W - Blurples

    Each light went thru 2 FULL Cycles. (veg + Flower) Still very useable. They are not the best of the best on the market, obviously blurples arent super amazing but hopefully i can maybe help out a beginner. Meizhi i got for 250. I was thinking $100? KingLED i got for i think around 110. I was...
  3. CosmoGrows

    Glad to be back, missed ya fam

    Were running a 2x4 mars hydro simple tent build. HLG Quantum boards, AC infinity Exhaust, Honestly its been so long i dont even remember alot of the equipment im running. She just popped today, we got one more germinating and then were off to the big leagues. This is the first grow in about a...
  4. CosmoGrows

    Seedling looks weird and hasn't grown in a few days

    .... Welcome to the farm, glad to have you here man. Youve gotten a good answer, keep her slow and steady and let her roll. You got it.
  5. CosmoGrows

    Why are my leaves perky in the dark?

    I did a little research. I think, surprisingly, it may be normal? Maybe it would be strain specific? If its moments before the light coming on, she could be expect the light, and getting ready for it?
  6. CosmoGrows

    What Video Game Are You Playing Through Right Now?

    Warzone. Dead By Daylight. Rocket League Forza Horizon 4 Runescape Battlefield 5 Fortnite Red Dead 2 My game list pretty much lol. Xbox/PS4/PC soon. I was wondering if there was a video game thread anywhere lol..
  7. CosmoGrows

    Hi I’m Leah ☀️

    Hey Leah, welcome to the farm. The plants look beautiful, keep up the good work. We're glad to have ya!
  8. CosmoGrows

    First Ever Grow, 8-site RDWC, 5x9, LED

    Dang, What a beautiful setup man. Excellent for the first grow. Seems like you have this down already. I'm ready to see the buds flow. I've got my chair and i'm ready to watch this grow! Welcome to the farm, glad to have ya! @Aqua Man
  9. CosmoGrows

    Marijuana News: What is it?

    The Marijuana News category is here for users to post about new items going on within' the Marijuana news world. Some examples of what we allow in this section include: - Marijuana legalization - Marijuana studies that are in the news - Marijuana technology news - Marijuana politics* What we...
  10. CosmoGrows

    1st Ever Grow

    Hey @SanticaGardens , @BurnzYzBudZz got ya on the right track. I removed your promotions. No issue! You do have a good looking setup! When those tents are full, itll look even more awesome. Welcome to the farm, we're glad to have ya!
  11. CosmoGrows

    Another First Grow Thread!

    Hey DarkHelmet, Welcome to the Farm. You have a quality grow diary going, very setup and organized well. With that being said, i am going to go head and move this thread out of the Introductions and into our Grow Diaries section so that way you don't have to restart a whole new thread there...
  12. CosmoGrows

    B8KD's First Grow - Outdoor - LA Kush Cake, Casper OG, Hazmat OG & Do-Si-Dos F2

    B8KD, doing some computer work, so i apologize in advance about the short post. Just wanted to drop in quickly, I saw your post recently and figured i would quickly skim over your thread and see how things are doing. It seems like you're doing great, your plants are looking awesome. It does seem...
  13. CosmoGrows

    High humidity solution?

    You have caught my attention.... I went ahead and googled this, because i currently have humidity issues in flower. ill have to check these out. They make dry pots too.
  14. CosmoGrows

    Round 2

    Wow man, massive improvements from first grow, to this one. Amazing rolando, keep up the great work. that stalk is awesome. So... Not to rush things..... But wheres round 3? :D Lol jokes, great job.
  15. CosmoGrows

    Good Threads To Take A Look At [UPDATED: 6/27/2020]

    Hey Farmers, As of 6/27/2020 this list of important, or good threads to look at has been slightly updated. With THCFarmer being so full of useful information, and full of quality grow logs, it is hard for us to keep the lists updated with the most recent quality threads posted. I'm sure there...
  16. CosmoGrows

    First time grower. What you guys think?

    Click me, as i am the trim bin. <-----
  17. CosmoGrows

    Help a young grower understand

    Whats going on right here? - Not to get off topic from your leafhopper situation... are these the gray spots youre referring too?
  18. CosmoGrows

    THCFarmer News[6/10/20]; Reporting Posts

    Moderator contacts; @Jack og Click here to message JackOG! @Aqua Man Click here to message Aqua Man! @Burned Haze Click here to message Burned Haze! @1diesel1 Click here to message 1diesel1! @AnselAdams Click here to message AnselAdams! @CosmoGrows Click here to message CosmoGrows!
  19. CosmoGrows

    THCFarmer News[6/10/20]; Reporting Posts

    Reporting Posts THCFarmer is a great place full of quality information. THCFarmer staff want to do the best possible job to keep our boards clean and organized to make sure site navigation is as easy as possible for every member. THCFarmer staff would like to highlight a feature of our boards...
  20. CosmoGrows

    White spots on leaves

    Looking clean, sounds like a decent idea. Keep us updated with results. So when it comes to Tap water PPM,normally alot of it is cal-mag, which essentially, is good for your plants, so it could be decent to have higher tap water ppm, but ideally i believe the happy number is lower, around...
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