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  1. quirk

    Bent 6 day old seedling stem

    That's it's way of telling you, more light please.
  2. quirk

    My second auto grow, wish me luck!

    Appears you've addressed the problem(s). Very nice.
  3. quirk

    Whats good for top dressing during veg and also flower?

    Nothing but, start to finish.
  4. quirk

    Maybe an odd question but I was shocked...

    Pack it with ground up bud and experience the "hole" plant effect.
  5. quirk

    Full or low power need advice

    I'm sorry. Believe it or not, I'm going to the ophthalmologist this Thursday to get my prescription updated. I feel like 60 but my cataracts are 73.
  6. quirk

    HELP: Over or Under watering? or something else?

    Looks like you've isolated the problem. Might as well get the others in 3-5 gal. pots and they will take off as well. You're gonna need more light. That Mars is a true 100W actual, which is not sufficient for your 5 plants. It will get you a harvest but at a much reduced yield and quality.
  7. quirk

    Full or low power need advice

    Absolutely gorgeous under the fluorescent. You could cook a steak with your 180W at two and half inches. Leave it at full power and raise to twenty four inches.
  8. quirk

    Are these seedlings a lost cause?

    Between the dome, standing runoff and condensation, they're damping off. Dry your tray out, lose the dome and provide air circulation. In other words what, @GNick55 suggests.
  9. quirk

    HELP: Over or Under watering? or something else?

    Get a feel for the dry weight, water slowly until a slight runoff ( a few drops is fine), get a feel for that weight. When bags feel light, water again to a slight runoff. Rinse and repeat as needed. Probably every 3-4 days. Provide air circulation and a lot more light. I'm talking minimum...
  10. quirk

    Auto white widow started LST

    My technique for repeatable, zero defects auto grows, with predictable yields, is to wait for a well developed 5th node, which takes 20-24 days, remove everything under the fourth node (produces next to nothing) and start tying down nodes around the pot throughout the grow. Good luck.
  11. quirk

    New to this, how they look?

    Pipe cleaners for the win. Days 16 - 26 - 46
  12. quirk

    Butter makers are they worth the dollars or is there a better way

    My go to is the Ardent FX for decarb and oil. As you can see, it's personal preference.
  13. quirk

    Day 22, Look at these Sexy Ladies

    Outstanding @XxHammer
  14. quirk

    Dry amendment ratios and mixing? - super soil? outdoor grow help

    I was thinking combine and mix equal amounts of each ingredient, then use at 2 tablespoons per gallon of medium.
  15. quirk

    Watering, how media, pot size/shape and environment affect it

    If you hold your head underwater for ten minutes, the water doesn't kill you, the lack of oxygen does. Just like us, roots gotta breathe. You can't overwater a well draining medium. The problems come in when you water too often, replacing air pockets with moisture which doesn't allow roots to do...
  16. quirk

    Stunted autos during first run?

    I germinate in Jiffy pellets, then transfer to pre-moistened 5 gal container day after sprout. Top third of medium is FF Light Warrior and perlite, giving taproot time to acclimate (7-10 days) before hitting the "hotter" dry granular fertilizer amended, bottom two thirds of medium. Then it's...
  17. quirk

    Taking pictures in blurple light?

    Inexpensive beginner Holystone.
  18. quirk

    Using a digital scale to know when to water?

    Meters are a great way to check moisture levels at various depths and I find them to be an accurate double check on the weight method. As far as watering, I epoxied an extendable spout on my 1.6 gal Bloem watering can that is very functional for hard to reach spots. All items purchased at Home...
  19. quirk

    Using a digital scale to know when to water?

    To keep it idiot proof, I get the dry weight, then the wet weight (to slight runoff). As you can see in this case the difference is just over two ounces. I stay 10 grams below wet weight and don't add water until I get down to 10 grams above dry weight. As I pot up, I adjust accordingly using 16...
  20. quirk

    Dry amendment ratios and mixing? - super soil? outdoor grow help

    I follow directions on the bag. Zero defects or deficiencies. You could combine your ingredients and use the same ratio. Organic soil auto grower.
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