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  1. CBDfutute4

    Do plants stop eating in late flower?

    Yes, the last 15 days they drink less n less Back off nute wise too, I go down to 600ppm day 15-10. Day 10 n less 350 ppm just uc roots n kool bloom, last wk 250. Uc root n kool bloom only. It’s almost like a flushing
  2. CBDfutute4

    Can I Harvest DWC in Multiple Batches while Flushing?

    Lots of ppl dwc do not flush since you really dial down nutes last 10 days Soil, yes, your trying to clean up the soil that’s been watered with nutes for 10-14 wks
  3. CBDfutute4

    New growth is taco leafs, upward curl

    Cracked But some better ones
  4. CBDfutute4

    New growth is taco leafs, upward curl

    I am getting clones and veg them in a 7 gallon tote. I always have one die or just not make it like the other two I am semi new to dwc, I have a 3 pot rdwc setup I get much better results with But I believe I’m getting this from too high of water level (I have two big air stones with small...
  5. CBDfutute4

    Water chilling questions and alternatives

    Do you have a recirculating setup or individual buckets? If your rdwc you will need a chiller. A tote setup you may have a chance I use to run my ro into milk gallons n make ice n just have cold water available for big temperature swing days It does not cut it. I’m either buy a 1/6 or...
  6. CBDfutute4

    setup in garage? No ac, bigger chiller

    The chiller and res are outside of the room
  7. CBDfutute4

    setup in garage? No ac, bigger chiller

    I run led lights already I do everything u can to battle heat already I’m trying to see if anyone has a rdwc setup that still produces with 80/85/90f air n 66f water. My garage is r8 insulated. Room inside of garage is r7.7
  8. CBDfutute4

    Anybody know what’s deficiency this is??

    Do u have any black dots on leafs?
  9. CBDfutute4

    setup in garage? No ac, bigger chiller

    I already do that
  10. CBDfutute4

    setup in garage? No ac, bigger chiller

    I have two choices for chillers Or Active aqua 1/4 for 550 tax n shipping Or Coralife 1/6hp for 615 tax n shipping I’m not sold on the active aqua because I believe it’s...
  11. CBDfutute4

    Root rot in hydroponic 5gal

    Run uc roots
  12. CBDfutute4

    setup in garage? No ac, bigger chiller

    I have a 4x8 in my garage, I am trying to not run a ac setup or may take a break for the hottest n humid part of summer Does anybody run co2 and a bigger chiller?? I really am trying to avoid a mini split or making my old window setup (5k btu) work for my room. Anybody do it in a 4 season...
  13. CBDfutute4

    13 gal RDWC how long can you veg?

    How big is each bucket What size bulkhead n pvc What pump running it all
  14. CBDfutute4

    Wet or dry harvest need to know....

    Cut all bigger fan leafs and ones lower on the plant before u hang but I trim dry
  15. CBDfutute4

    Should I start flushing for harvest?

    I would goto day 73/74 and cut. Little bit left but this is when the nugs will dense up a ton. More tri n crystals, barely any growth
  16. CBDfutute4

    Are 58F and 45RH acceptable for drying?

    I’d aim for 65% rh Wet rag with clean water n bucket added to your space with a fan should help u out a lot. Move air around GL
  17. CBDfutute4

    When to flush and harvest ?

    Day 57 total or day 57 flowering?? If flowering go to 65
  18. CBDfutute4

    How to deal with high temperature inside a garage?

    Read a lot of my past threads n posts I live in Chicago with a 4x8 room in garage It’s tough to control things on a budget......basically not making it into insulated heated/ac space
  19. CBDfutute4

    First time grower any input helpful!!

    Give us an idea ur running and we will comment. How many pots Lights Where is your setup? Basement? Shed? Spill ur guts
  20. CBDfutute4

    1/10 hp or entry level chiller

    I keep my temp the same now My cheap controller doesn’t have day n night. But the lights make good heat 7am when I dump the Tupperware ice it’s real bad
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