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  1. motiv303

    whats up y'all I'm back. whats new with the strains??

    @slausongardens Welcome back dude! Glad to see you're finally free. Like most others said theres been several things pop up but all in all the strain game hasn't changed too much. Hybrids on hybrids on hybrids, you know how that goes. Again, welcome back and enjoy your freedom. Cheers! Motiv
  2. motiv303


    Guess i'll throw one in for the fun of it. Chem 4 x GSC (Forum cut) #2 about day 40ish. Organic in soil. Seed made by private breeder, grown by me.
  3. motiv303

    Gorilla Glue#4

    What up homie! Yup, def been a minute, i hope all is lovely with ya. Glad to hear youre getting back up and running again. Thanks for the compliment as well :). Hope to be snaggin up the Sour Dubs myself in the not too distant future and really looking forward to it. Cheers to ya bro! M
  4. motiv303

    If you're ripping... Leave your phone in your car...

    Dammit, i hope the cops or the posse don't get to him too quick, ive been on the hunt for some fine brickweed :rolleyes: Someone needs to smash that fuckin tool. Motiv
  5. motiv303

    The Abyss

    @Dr. Evil Lookin Solid bro! Tell ya what, Ive been kickin myself for lettin Grape Ape sit back in the shadows for a while now, its a really nice plant. My MOTIVation to get er goin again was just revived by your pic. Stay killin homie. Cya soon. M
  6. motiv303

    The Abyss

    @Dr. Evil risin up from the Abyss. Whats up bro! Hope all is well witcha. M
  7. motiv303

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    @true grit Fuckin Nailed it bro! Perfect! ;) M
  8. motiv303

    Rico breaks into the garden life.

    Looks fukn solid to me @ricogarion keep it up brother. Cheers from the 303 :) M
  9. motiv303

    what happened to the punk rock thread, That Dan K put up?

    That was a sick thread, was definitely a good time blowin it up, bummer its gone. Oh well. Cheers all! Motiv
  10. motiv303

    Walmart is going to sell Cannabis!

    Ya never know, the green light special "Wally Weed" could be dank........:rolleyes:;)
  11. motiv303

    Congrats to Exotic for just winning the 2014 Denver cup for best hybrid flowers!!

    @ExoticGenetix Congratulations again brother! Was awesome to chill Friday & Sunday and meet the Wife & crew. Props homie! M
  12. motiv303

    Recreational CO law and buying/selling seeds

    Hahaha, no doubt dude. Ive never been to any of their stores but have seen their menu and pricing. Fuck, that weed better break itself up,roll itself up, and light itself up for those prices. Greedy fucks for sure.
  13. motiv303

    Game of Thrones

    Yeah that scene was Gnarly. And here we thought the seed game was dirty, holy shit. Lol M
  14. motiv303

    Game of Thrones

    Had never watched G.O.T until Saturday. Decided the check it out so watched 1st episode, now im 1/2 way through season 3, lol, fukn show got me. Totally wasted whole weekend haha, oh well the show is badass for sure. Enjoy all! Motiv
  15. motiv303


    Definitely a tough one again. All 3 pics are hella nice, but had to go with my homie @true grit 's animal on this one. Props to @Nspecta & @EveryOneSmokes though, great shots & skills fellas! Motiv
  16. motiv303

    Soil bed of wifi (growmaster style)

    Lookin Fucking Solid @pimpmasterdlx , vurrrry nice work bro. Blow them bad girls up, best of luck. Motiv
  17. motiv303

    Hello from MGB!

    @MrGoodBudz Welcome to the Farm bro! Glad to see ya signed up, you'll like it here. Be well, rap soon. M
  18. motiv303

    Down to Earth Liquid Bone Meal--Smells Like Pepto??

    Yup, definitely smells like pepto to me as well. Motiv
  19. motiv303

    Gorilla Glue#4

    AMEN @nightmarecreature I like to do shit the same way, Lots O Variety :) Motiv
  20. motiv303

    = The BEST OG Kush Clone Only=

    Just gonna say @WalterWhiteFire s "V" cut is no slouch on the wifi topic. Definitely AAA Dank!
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