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  1. firstgrowdontknow

    Anyone Heard of Lowering Temps?

    I've been watching this, and so decided to have a visit to the other thread, which is a total shitshow. Variables changed every 6 hours with claims that the changes helped. Pictures of seedlings that "arent stretching" but need to be held up with a stake. Also, apparently cmh bulbs break all...
  2. firstgrowdontknow

    theres a fight: fan/filter vs humidifier

    ahh, I just wanted to use wifi to stream to a pc locally. I can record there .....without giving network access to who knows who. I think a raspberry pi build is in my future.
  3. firstgrowdontknow

    theres a fight: fan/filter vs humidifier

    Does "alfred" work without an internet connection? I dont like the idea of storing my audio/video footage off site.
  4. firstgrowdontknow

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Yeah I saw the ding dongs . She threw a few ; I just clipped em off(bag seed). Maybe she couldve gone a bit longer idk, after 13 weeks I was done even if she wasnt lol. I'm happy with the end result though, way better than dispo weed. I have cuttings of both ladies, buuut I have some thinking to...
  5. firstgrowdontknow

    The Sound Machine; a Steppenwolf inspired "stealth" grow box

    Final Yield. 100grams.
  6. firstgrowdontknow

    Need an "expert" to chime in....Are these ladies ready for the chop? Day88; wk 13 flower

    Final yield after dying is 100 grams total, so about 3.5oz. Way better than I expected.
  7. firstgrowdontknow

    The BEST strains of all time. Vote here!

    If someone could find that weed that you can smell in a vacuum sealed bag, in a mason jar, in a dufflebag, in the trunk of a car.....thats the best. Dont know where it went though, idk the illegal market here, and all the legal stuff is fruity more skunky stuff?
  8. firstgrowdontknow

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Cut the 28th(13 weeks flower), Now she is drying. I'd show the other plant, but this one makes it look like I know what Im doing! I'm gonna try and get some real good close ups maybe tonight or tomorrow.
  9. firstgrowdontknow

    Leaf droop after lst attempt

    . I dont believe the plants can be hurt as long as you give them some time to recover and dont snap the stem in half(even then, tape it lol). Knowing what I kow now I wouldve done this differently, but hey it worked.
  10. firstgrowdontknow

    Is this led light burn?

    My plants had something similar happen to a few of the top leaves. In my case it was light burn but it started showing so late into flower that I just let it go. (like I had a choice lol) My top leaves were fine too, it took another, say 2 weeks to see burn show up on the sugar leaves, but mine...
  11. firstgrowdontknow

    Newbie Working On First Grow Of Unknown Strains

    No offense, but this looks like a house fire waiting to happen. I would get a real tent.
  12. firstgrowdontknow

    Fresh cuts in water yo!

    I had two clones live and root in a shot glass for ~60-70 days. No dome, ~24%RH. I didnt change the water for say... 2 weeks just refilled. Once roots popped and leaves started to yellow I threw a little feed ~700EC every once in a while. When I got bored of doing that I threw them in small...
  13. firstgrowdontknow

    Does anyone make time lapse videos?

    Droid Cam is free to try, but I think the paid one might be able to take snapshots? I havent paid for it, just messed around wiht it a bit.
  14. firstgrowdontknow

    autos and photos same tent

    You could take clones of the ones in veg, finish out the autos, then drop the bagseed clones back in the tent? Buuuuuuuut if I had spent 6 weeks growing them I might just buy another tent lol
  15. firstgrowdontknow

    Whats up with this ONE plant in my garden...?

    What are they growing in? coco dirt, etc? A little nute burn doesnt bother me, but if it starts getting worse I would look into it a bit harder. I think if it was light burn you would see those leaves start to taco and turn yellow in between the veins of the leaf. Or the veins can go red and the...
  16. firstgrowdontknow

    Jumping Back In! Not So New Setup

    I dont want to click "like" but I want to acknowledge your pain. I felt that photo lol
  17. firstgrowdontknow

    The Sound Machine; a Steppenwolf inspired "stealth" grow box

    Results of T'air-a-cotta experiment: Dont drill holes in terracotta, do use coco liner. Overall root density in medium is the same, but root growth in the coco liner is much healthier in the pot without holes
  18. firstgrowdontknow

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    First grow done! Its not much, but gotta start somewhere eh? Hopefully I can get better pics after cure...chopped day 89
  19. firstgrowdontknow

    The Sound Machine; a Steppenwolf inspired "stealth" grow box

    Strain is two different bagseeds lol. One did ok, the other had a rough time. Just cut them down this morning.... Raki for scale Thank you to everyone that posts here, even the trolls help me learn lol. I hope the next run will be much better. I will update this with the results of the...
  20. firstgrowdontknow

    learning to train, is this close?

    Your plants will be ok in the dark for a bit, after all, sometimes its cloudy outside
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