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    White Fire - Two phenotypes

    Topped yesterday. They are growing in a lighter mix of Sub's supersoil. Seem to like it.
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    White Fire - Two phenotypes

    A couple of old WiFi seeds I found from a few years back I gave to a buddy. They are about 2 months into veg. I told him to top them or train but he didn't listen.
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    Prop 8 overturned!!

    I understand the judge's opinion on the law, but marriage has never been defined as a right previously. I see your point though. I guess the advantage given to those by the government because of marriage makes it unfair, such as tax breaks. If the government at a local and federal levels wants...
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    Prop 8 overturned!!

    Not hatred, don't really care about gays, straights or anyone else for a matter of fact. Apples to oranges to whom? So if people whine like selfish children their voices should be heard over the majority? The point being is that the California state constitution allows the public to vote on...
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    Prop 8 overturned!!

    Are you going to say the same thing when Prop 215 is overturned? This has more to do with states rights than marriage. Bad day for the constitution.
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    DNA sourlope Experiment a hit

    Looks great. DNA is top shelf gear.
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    Anyone tried Rambo?

    Not a chance I would buy anything from them unless it was a clone. They have no service and their beans are very hit and miss. No reason to even give them your money when their are much more reliable and consistent choices out there for less money.
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    Anyone tried Rambo?

    This company is a scam, buyer beware!
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    Best Brand of Digital Ballast?

    (4) 600w Digital Greenhouse still running strong after 2+ years.
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    UFC 100 Who do you think will win ?

    That sucks for Affliction. I bet Fedor will be UFC bound after this fight...
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    C99 and LUI Pics!

    Sweet looking Cindy! That LUI should put out a hell of a yield.
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    Joey Weed AK47 x C99

    Wow, really nice. How did the smoke end up being on these?
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    Using Feminised plants for further breeding?

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    MK Ultra femmed - herm :(

    Oh you mean the 7ft 20 week wonder? Mine was out of this world, dripping with potency:giggle Please don't waste your money. I would buy 5 packs of Greenhouse before running one free pack of THStealsyourmoney. Their fem technique is to flower as many female plants as they can and take seeds...
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    "chuck norris" jokes.......

    Chuck Norris' tears cure cancer. Too bad he has never cried. When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night he checks his closet for Chuck Norris. I can't believe I just posted that.:bong-hits:
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    Mota's OGUANA KUSH

    Happy and healthy. I bet these turn out nice.
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    Purple wreck, aero style, before the chop

    Cool pics.
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    how old is your brain ?

    31 followed by a 23. I think I am going to bring this into the office tomorrow and tell everyone at a meeting that their pay will be determined by their score:giggle
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    New Strains

    Sounds like a nice cross.
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    Kushes, kushes, kushes

    Jungle o' kush Lookin good.
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