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  1. hubcap


    TWO PRONG OUTLETS!! (grrrrr) OK...gimme the abridged version. I have two prong outlets. OK to use 2-3prong adapter with the ground lug/screw? (box appears grounded, because another device, a shop light, is hard wired inside the box, and the box itself, has a green wire attached to the conduit...
  2. hubcap

    Greenhouse “stealth” Advice

    I always thought I was slick by tying those fake flowers you get at craft stores onto my plants. Through frosted glass? At a distance? They looked like hibiscus. The gaudier the color, the better. ;)
  3. hubcap

    Hiya, Folks! It's Been A While......

    Nice to be back. Nice to see a place where the owners aren't begging the members for money to help out shady "business"men.
  4. hubcap

    The Muchacho Smoking Facility!

    Peaches n Creme. I dont know who made it, dont know who grew it.... But this stuff tastes AWESOME!
  5. hubcap

    Hiya, Folks! It's Been A While......

    but Im still poking around. hopefully I'll run into some old, friendly faces here, again. Just wanted to stop in and letcha all know I'm still alive and free. -cap
  6. hubcap

    Killing Fields Feminized Shots

    i concur. from everything ive seen, the fems are of equal caliber down the board. -cap
  7. hubcap

    KO at 4 weeks

    *smacks forehead* i just realized its a heri cross. -cap
  8. hubcap

    my lil killing fields f2

    your purple pheno is 'identical' to my favorite KF lady. everyone who tries it loves it. enjoy! thanks for sharing the pics. -cap
  9. hubcap

    I can't make up my mind!?!?!

    the answer can be a little tricky, but, you offered some criteria, so that helps as well. i suppose the best way I could answer that is by letting you know how I did it, and tweak the info to your style/method/ethos. -In soil -1 gal (3.785 L) of soil. (think: 50%fox farms ocean forest...
  10. hubcap

    I can't make up my mind!?!?!

    good advice. id second that. -cap
  11. hubcap

    KO at 4 weeks

    how long u veg that? lanky compared to the poles ive seen come from KO. nice find. thanks for sharing. -cap
  12. hubcap

    sannieshop ship to the USA

    sannies a stand up cat. my only worry is that ten percent that take advantage of such generosity. its one thing to get smashed beans. its another to BS about it. since customer service like this, in this industry is rare, lets not abuse it to the point of losing it. ya know? we hear too much...
  13. hubcap

    Senators Demand the Military Lock Up American Citizens

    being a Marine veteran, I would have to say, I support this sentiment to a "T." -cap
  14. hubcap

    HEY! have you guys heard the news???

    Rapper Kurtis Blow has been arrested. :D -cap
  15. hubcap

    Killing Fields F2

    any pics of the finished flowers? smoke report? -cap
  16. hubcap

    Sannie. what more can you say

    sannie's the MAN. -cap
  17. hubcap

    I can't make up my mind!?!?!

    mileage may vary, depending on who you may ask.... (us stoners are a weird bunch) if its got pistils protruding from a calyx.... it can make seed. while some may argue its better to let it get some maturity, ive found it really doesnt make a difference. again, mileage may vary, and I dont...
  18. hubcap

    I can't make up my mind!?!?!

    the best thing about KF is the pheno selection. something for everyone, all great 'all-around' performers. sannie is standup, and of the varities ive tried (kf,shack,recovery haze, lady cane, etc) all were what I would consider 'high quality.' if i had to pick my two faves...? Killing...
  19. hubcap

    ko kush

    the 'heavier' stone would probably favor the herijuana side of things.... in my opinion, its (herijuana) a 'greasy, hard-hitting' heavy, as opposed to the equally 'hard-hitting' effects from the Bubba side of things, just with a much more pleasurable flavor (from the bubba.) To me, herijuana is...
  20. hubcap

    Sannie's new feminized Sugar Punch

    The One blueberry sativa/killa queen x nycd i think he (sannie) also refers to it as "SMM" (Sannie Meets Mota) but, my memory is fuzzy as well. (pulled from here: ) ;) -cap
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