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  1. Billygoat

    Best Brand Coco Coir

    I also use the 70/30 mixture. I use Royal Gold Coco or Canna Coco with #4 large perlite. Or, if I'm strapped for time and don't have the time to mix up 20 bags. I use ReadyGro aeration mix and water more often. Take care, BG PS, Ranger's Lead the Way! AIRBORNE
  2. Billygoat

    Homebrew420s' Seed Creation and Selection

    Looking good like always HB. Bet that rooms smells so nice. Take care, BG
  3. Billygoat

    Harborside clone review

    I know this thread is super old, but doesn't anyone know if HS is still carrying the Casey Jones clone? Passing through the area tomorrow and wanted to grab it. Since I lost mine. HS, doesn't talk over the phone and didn't see it on their cloak thing. Any help would be great. Or any other...
  4. Billygoat

    good strains for PTSD ?

    Update from my 2010 post. I've been growing Jahgoo for a couple of years now and it's my main strain for PTSD. It's the best I've came across for my body and health. Have a local friend that was in the 82nd Airborne and seen allot of shit and has strong PTSD. He also loves this strain and...
  5. Billygoat

    Heavy 16 User Superthread

    I've been using Hvy 16 for about a little over a year now. I love the results and seen my weight almost double with the strain I've been growing for over 2 years. Been grow Jahgoo for over 2 years straight and yields have almost doubled. I'm using the full line with the heavy dose and foliar...
  6. Billygoat

    Hey Logic, hope all is well. Been a long time. Nice to see the site is doing well. Take care, BG

    Hey Logic, hope all is well. Been a long time. Nice to see the site is doing well. Take care, BG
  7. Billygoat

    Sorry, I haven't gotten back to you. Hope all is going well. Been thinking about all the years...

    Sorry, I haven't gotten back to you. Hope all is going well. Been thinking about all the years that have passed. Man, it's been some years in a blink of the eye. Take care, TK
  8. Billygoat

    what happened to NYCD?

    I'll be starting some NYCD seeds at the first of the year. Got some from Soma a few years back and need to get them going soon. Since I'm ready to grow something new. Had a pheno back in the day that was out of the world. Yield some very nice numbers of killer smoke. Ask Texas Kid about...
  9. Billygoat

    War Vet Lounge

    3rd Ranger Battalion 1/507 Airborne 1/15 INF 1/18 INF and attached to many other units. Take care brother and sisters.
  10. Billygoat

    The REAL DEAL Chocolate Thai?

    For those looking for Chocolate Thai seeds or clones. I do not sell seeds anymore. To much BS and not worth the stress. Till things go fully legal. I won't sell seeds till then. The last people that had any of the Chocolate Thai seeds and Hybrids was Harborside in Oakland and SoCal seeds...
  11. Billygoat

    Vietnam Black Grow

    Morning everyone, Thanks for the kind comments. Ya, the VB is a nice strain. She grows well and does great outdoors. The Mango pheno is my favorite and I just love her. She brings me back to my trips to mango road in the puna district of the Big Island of Hawaii. If you've ever driven down...
  12. Billygoat

    Best Brand Coco Coir

    Nectar of the Gods Coco Canna Royal Gold Coco
  13. Billygoat

    Broadmites 3 weeks into flower...keep or toss?

    $19.00 bucks for a small bottle. You don't need to buy that large normal size bottle. Unless, your spraying tree's or a farm. Here's a link and never spray while in flower. If I remember correctly. It's takes 4 weeks for the forbid to break down and pass through the plant. Good luck, BG...
  14. Billygoat

    Broadmites 3 weeks into flower...keep or toss?

    As roboto has already posted. They inject something into the plant. This is what causes the issue. It's not the feeding on the plant but the toxin they inject into the plant. This is what causes the issues. Like I've said before. I've dealt with these little devils for close to two years...
  15. Billygoat

    Broadmites 3 weeks into flower...keep or toss?

    I know your not going to want to hear this, but. Cut them down and trash them all. Clean the room and start over. Trust me when I say this. Your wasting your time and money trying to fight these little devils. I had them roughly for two years and didn't know it. I got them once I came off...
  16. Billygoat


    Ushios = Also Been happy with them and I've been running them in Lumatek ballast without any issues.
  17. Billygoat

    Welcome back Capt. Crip

    Welcome back CC, nice to see your safe and healthy. Long time brother Take care, BG
  18. Billygoat

    Homebrew420s' Seed Creation and Selection

    Morning Homebrew, nice to see things are still rockin n rolling with you. Garden looks great brother. Just dropping in to say high and great job like always and Happy Holidays. Have a wonderful and safe holidays. Take care, BG
  19. Billygoat

    Vietnam Black Grow

    Hey guys, ya, I know. I haven't been around. Things are good and getting better. As for the VB and pheno's. It all depends on what you get. I used two females. One, a pure Mango smelling pheno that was AWESOME! The other, a Purple blackish pheno. The male was a mango smelling, but on...
  20. Billygoat

    vietnam black x NL #5

    That looks like mold to me. If, you don't see any mites crawling around. Then, it's mold or bud rot, but from what I can tell from the pictures. Looks like mold to me. First, to hear any issues from these hybrids. Sorry, to hear you had issues. Nothing sucks more, then getting mold. PM, or...
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