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  1. blazedahaze

    Power Mildew Humidity Spike Please Help

    oh, Air circulation IS KEY, get the air flow bumping in there, no stagnant parts of the room.
  2. blazedahaze

    Power Mildew Humidity Spike Please Help

    @kushdaking Vapor Pressure Deficit, Try to keep your room between 78 and 82 degrees, 82 lights on, 78 lights off.. keep your humidity between 71-76 percent.. I start to drop the rh around week 4 to 50% and the temps also get lowered the last couple weeks. Search google for vpd chart to check out...
  3. blazedahaze

    Power Mildew Humidity Spike Please Help

    @kushdaking The problem your are having is because your lights will dry out the air during the on cycle and the plants will saturate the air at night via transpiration. You need to be able to control both humidification and de-humidification in your room. If you don't have a dehumidifier get...
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    Help, New Room 20'x14' With Hood And Ventilation Setup.

    Looking good @straincreation but why not seal that room up, ditch the glass and aircooled aspect of the hood and throw in a good A/C, humidifier, dehumidifier, to keep your environment perfect?? After all your environment is key for success, just food for thought..
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    Help Design Ducting Setup...

    All you need to do is cool the room that the tents are in.. Just have the exhaust from each tent blowing directly back in to the room from the two tents.. The AC will keep things constant for you. Get a wall mounted oscillating fan to keep air circulating inside, you can run a 2'x4' vertically...
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    August Photo Of The Month

  7. blazedahaze

    3,200sq. Ft. Warehouse/help With Setup

    Looking good @Spectre I would have used treated lumber for the bottom plate. Or did you just use a piece of plastic as a barrier between the bottom plate and the concrete? Only reason I say this is because at my last spot I didn't use treated lumber for my plates and when I tore down, there was...
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    @delae632 when they tented my spot I just rented a uhaul for twenty bucks a day and parked it in the driveway, which is shaded.. I had a cord running from the garage to the uhaul to power some t5's and fans to keep stuff alive.. Don't know if it's possible for you, but it worked for me.. Oh and...
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    Oregon Organic Elites

    I am definitely watching bro!!! This thread and your pics are amazing, keep em coming!! I am just starting to dedicate everything to amended soils and possibly a no till, I just have to read up a bit about the no till part to make sure I can do it proper.. Thanks again for sharing everything...
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    Everything is looking great now, I can't wait to see how sick the next round is going to be!!!
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    Warehouse setup

    @Seamaiden I have tried calling but I kept getting the run around.. Call this department, transfer you to this person, oh wait let me connect you to this person... Completely dumbfounded that nobody I talked to at the city could help me.. And it's not just the city of LA either, sucks trying to...
  12. blazedahaze

    Warehouse setup

    @Seamaiden Do you happen to have any insight on this subject??
  13. blazedahaze

    Warehouse setup

    @Capulator or anybody else with some insight into the whole Prop D in Los Angeles.. I know that this thread is old but I am in need of information on the subject.. Is this old post from @vino accurate??? In the City of Los Angeles is it OK for a primary caregiver to operate a garden for his...
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    I hang whole plant at 63-64 degrees, 55% rh, 12-14 days, bags for a couple days, trim, and then jar.. My air handler blows against a piece of plexiglass to deflect the air movement and allow the hanging plants to not get blasted by the air from the air handler.
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    How Do You Clean Your Mini-split A/c?

    @rick ratlin Fresh-Aire UV makes uv-c lights for mini split systems. I have personally never used them but was speaking to a rep a month or so ago about them. They seem super easy to install and change out when the time comes. I have a few mini splits that I would like to install these on, I am...
  16. blazedahaze

    Best Og Kush From Seed

    I am going to give it a go to try and find a few keepers.. Building out a new 10x - Gavita 750 flower room for a straight seed run..
  17. blazedahaze

    Tk S1, Or Tk X Any Of The Elite Og?

  18. blazedahaze

    Tk S1, Or Tk X Any Of The Elite Og?

    I picked up a pack of Underdog OG/Loompas Headband and TK S1's from Loompa at the cup last weekend.. I am pretty sure he will be sending some in to the farm as well..
  19. blazedahaze

    What Is The Best Way To Beat Morphine/opiates?

    I have had a few people close to me who suffered from horrible withdrawals from opiates... There is one thing that I have witnessed on 3 different people and that is Cannabis Milk.. Check this thread out on it...
  20. blazedahaze

    = The BEST OG Kush Clone Only=

    Thanks for the good vibes @EveryOneSmokes , I run in an organic soil mix that was recommended to me by @waayne, big thanks for that... This is the same cut that @nightmarecreature is referring to.. I think that she is on par with all the other OG's I have ran/run like the Ghost, Fire, SFV, and...
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