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    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Ice cream cake
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    Cloning issues

    Sounds good thanks will give it a shot just curious is clonex gel a good rooting hormone or is there a better hormone to use
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    Cloning issues

    Thanks for the help and info so should I mist plants and or dome every couple days or only if plugs dry out this is my second attempt at cloning this time I tried scraping bottom temps have been between 70 to 80 outside of dome should vents be open or closed
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    Cloning issues

    Hi all not sure what I'm doing wrong trying to clone using clonex gel rapid rooters great white mycorrhizae in a dome misted with clonex mist took cuttings with clean scissors cut at 45 in to water then dipped into gel then into rooters soaked in PhD water at 6.0 10 days in no roots pulled and...
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