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    Giveaway Free Test - Spider Farmer SE3000 LED and SF Grow Tent

  2. Xebediah

    Big Scale Recirculating DWC System

    I don't think roots clogging up your system will be that much of an issue if you can put it together in a way that's easy to take apart and unclog if/when it does. Your setup doesn't seem that much different from this Superflo NFT setup that my friend uses, but on a much larger scale. However...
  3. Xebediah

    Where do you get accurate genetics?

    Check out Tangie. Looks saturated with THCv.
  4. Xebediah

    Where do you get accurate genetics?

    Have you ever heard of Confident Cannabis Connect? I just discovered their site today actually. It just seems like a really in depth sophisticated tool to dig down into with to discover what you might be looking for.
  5. Xebediah

    Any other non-ThugPug PBBs out there?

    Got the male setup.
  6. Xebediah

    What's up?

    Below is a picture of my first RDWC setup that I grew out of and I was SO relieved after finishing it up so I could break this down. I'm sure I did what a lot of people did/do when they first jump into an RDWC endeavor and just watch videos about putting one together without knowing how...
  7. Xebediah

    I just made a dumb mistake. What are your guys biggest Mistakes and fails?

    I trusted myself too much too often to turn off RO water. Thankful for the drainage in my garage.
  8. Xebediah

    Any other non-ThugPug PBBs out there?

    That may be what I do. We'll have to wait and see. Not even certain they have a male yet, but I hope so.
  9. Xebediah

    Any other non-ThugPug PBBs out there?

    If the suspected male comes to fruition and they give it to me, then I'll probably end up putting it in my greenhouse to keep away from the indoor females. However, they've been growing them hydroponically in a SuperFlo NFT system. So, I'll have to figure out how to setup a hydroponic system to...
  10. Xebediah

    Any other non-ThugPug PBBs out there?

    Friend of mine has some ThugPug PBB growing right now. He thinks one of them are males which he's offered to give me to harvest the pollen from as well as some female clones.
  11. Xebediah

    First time grower this looks bad

    I was cleaning out my rez every time I changed out the solution which was about every other week. But, I'm not changing out my solution this time until I flip to flower. It's recommended to swap/clean out, but not necessary. If you only have 3 gallons, that makes it easy to do.
  12. Xebediah

    Opinions on Lights for 4x4 tent grow

    After using a Chinese made LED light just like the one pictured in my 4x4 grow tent, I've been satisfied with the results it's produced. However, if I could change one thing, I would rather use four individual single quantum boards rather than four quantum boards on one light. The individual...
  13. Xebediah

    seeds germ in paper then fizzle in soil

    I think she meant the seed starter mix. Have you tried planting in seed starter trays instead of cups? They offer much better drainage and heat transfer to your seedlings root zones than cups. Seedlings sitting in water too long will die. Also, you can water them from the bottom that encourages...
  14. Xebediah

    First time grower this looks bad

    I don't think you'll need to go that long at that level of PPMs That's a good starting point to get your plant feeding again, but a good indicator that it needs more nutrition is the amount of solution it's consuming. So keep a close watch on the total volume changes each day. If it's going...
  15. Xebediah

    First time grower this looks bad

    As long as it's PH is adjusted correctly and you add back in the the calcium and magnesium you should be fine.
  16. Xebediah

    Check valve not working correctly.

    Anyone familiar with inline check valves like the one pictured below? Its an inline spring loaded, not a swing gate. I installed this to prevent the siphoning from my recirculating line when my pump shuts off, but it's not working for some reason. Water still siphons back in from the...
  17. Xebediah

    The most valuable advice ever

    The worst advice ever: "Always be yourself."
  18. Xebediah

    Oxygen Pot Systems Help, Green Tree Hydroponics 6 Site Recirculating System

    Do you have pictures to show what you're talking about? Can you just water it from the top until the roots reach the water?
  19. Xebediah

    Vertical High Pressure Aeroponics - General question

    Yeah, I'm jealous. I've been wanting to put together an aeroponic system for awhile and fully plan to someday. Keep us posted.
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