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  1. Amber

    Sixstring's strain hunts

    Hey buddy just stopped by to see how things were going in your garden, beautiful as always.
  2. Amber

    20+ lbs lets see what it looks like

    :(:(:(:sweating: Johnny law says we are on vacation for a bit.
  3. Amber

    20+ lbs lets see what it looks like

  4. Amber

    new to uc

  5. Amber

    Stainless Steel Mpb - Ags

    Bravo ;)
  6. Amber

    Homebrew420s' Seed Creation and Selection

    She is beautiful.
  7. Amber

    Cultured Solutions

    I would run the entire line with lots of Roots to keep those nice bright roots.
  8. Amber

    Cultured Solutions

    Is that well water?
  9. Amber

    New To Uc, Follow This Grow And Watch Me Kill It Or Crash Ha

    How's your ph doing? Normally I like to see a gradual swing up in the ph.
  10. Amber

    I love your avatar!!

    I love your avatar!!
  11. Amber

    Stainless Steel Undercurrent - WG

    Nice greenhouse, looking very proper. How many watts do you have in there? What kind of schedule do you have the lights on?
  12. Amber

    Doing my thang...Medusa

    Hey I have been super busy had to move and give birth. I gotta tell you we have grown some beautiful ladies in our day but our baby girl is by far the most beautiful. She is also taking up a good amount of my time, but I've been missing the farm quite a bit. I think you will start seeing a lot...
  13. Amber

    Only three leafs

    I could be wrong but I always thought the 3 fingers as a sign of a good kush strain. Purely good genetics.:cool:
  14. Amber

    Sixstring's strain hunts

    Whenever I feel like looking at some stellar work I just stop by here and you never disappoint.
  15. Amber


    18 days to go. I'm ready now really ready. Very excited time is standing still now.
  16. Amber

    UC Pro has arrived

    With the pros lid design if you want to you can upgrade to the pro system and veg in the old system when it's time to go to pro system to flower you just take the lid off and move em over. The 13 lids will fit right on the pro system lid. I personally really like this feature especially...
  17. Amber

    UC Pro has arrived

    I'm so ready it's not even funny however they say I still have 20 days to go.
  18. Amber

    UC Pro has arrived

    Well farmers have not been on here much lately but just had to let everyone know that Alice D and I got our UC Pro last week and we will be back here soon to show everyone how it goes. Just got it but very excited and anxious to see how it goes. Plus I miss visiting with the farmers so we will...
  19. Amber

    Epic Fail

    oh yeah its fascinating:wideyed::woot:
  20. Amber

    round 2 the death match

    Hey buddy hope all is well with you and your lady. Keep in touch.
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