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  1. MarijuanaBaybee

    Girl Scout Cookies & Friends

    awww man those where the nugs i saw first when i first rolled up in there, i remember when i saw the SunsetSherb there i was drooling n my lil homie from fresno next to me hit up the boyz on the otherside of the counter n was like yooo wuz good with it can i pick up a quad? and they was like its...
  2. MarijuanaBaybee

    Franchise Genetics Grown Outdoors

    Chhyeaaaaa budie! let her do her thang maing:happy: I say let the black pot one go full season.If i had choices like that i would at least have'ta give one a crack @ the full season and if possible either give her a shot in a bed or a bigger pot so she can get biggerr and reach the heavenz.I...
  3. MarijuanaBaybee

    Franchise Genetics Grown Outdoors

    Fucccc yaaaaa them Big E's loooks mad fiyyyerie and chemmmyy.I rooting for all of em but more for the one in the black pot on the right,you going to let these go all year?
  4. MarijuanaBaybee

    Loompa at the Hightimes cup in northern Cali?

    You cruised that truck till the wheels fell offf!! 220k miles is a gang that mustve been one bad ass truk to hold up that long.I am also in the market for a truck hope i find one like your's that can last till the wheel's fall off.Big up's to the whole Loompa squad for holding it down in Cali!
  5. MarijuanaBaybee

    Tre OG (Tahoe OG x Tres Dawg)

    @Green Dot Yooo im mad greatful for all yall being able to show me the legendary craft props to you and the whole TDsquad for making it all posible
  6. MarijuanaBaybee

    Tangie day 72 veg

    Have you ran the tangie inside before? the ladies looks mad healthy goodluck on your outdoo adventure this year im subd for the show
  7. MarijuanaBaybee

    Cookie Monster grow by SMF 5 guy

    fuk yea killeen em, that room is mos def crushhhin right now @grower4life im enjoying the view from here playa playaaa keep it dank!
  8. MarijuanaBaybee

    New breeding project

    I hope in the near future you will obtain the various versions of catpiss and figure out what it is that use to fly arounds the So Cal area in the 90's @loompa Hope all is good with you and the squad and that the Spain trip was a success and mad fun and relaxin for ya, if ya didnt get a chance...
  9. MarijuanaBaybee

    Franchise Genetics Grown Outdoors

    Dayummmmmmmm Ken these girls are gettin huge looks like your gunna trim till your shoulder turn purple ;) i was rooting for the #3 from the get go im happy that she is turning into a beast i liked her from the rest of the pack from the begining :joyful: you are str8 crushhhin it compadre...
  10. MarijuanaBaybee

    15 x 15 sealed room soon complete

    lookin good @KiLoEleMeNt im tuned in
  11. MarijuanaBaybee


    how did your ladies turn out HK? i really dig ur setup with small pots
  12. MarijuanaBaybee

    Going outside

    Fuck yea that animal gunnna be frostin uppppppp and dat sour dub gunna be shinnnin and blingin cant wait to see the pure in action crush em maing
  13. MarijuanaBaybee

    Tre OG (Tahoe OG x Tres Dawg)

    BOMB!JJ and the crew always putting out fiyer
  14. MarijuanaBaybee

    yoo holla at me when you get a moment hope all is well in the Wash

    yoo holla at me when you get a moment hope all is well in the Wash
  15. MarijuanaBaybee

    2kw Tent Grow

    Keeep oooon Crushin hussla! everythangg looks lovely
  16. MarijuanaBaybee

    what up pimp holla at me hope you see this one day

    what up pimp holla at me hope you see this one day
  17. MarijuanaBaybee

    Llama's high desert greenhouses.

    inspirational greenhouse maing keep on crushin look forward to seeing your plants all da way to the fiinish line goodluck with everything
  18. MarijuanaBaybee

    Welcome, to the garden of Myco :)

    dank homeyyyy!
  19. MarijuanaBaybee

    True cookies

    yea dattttttttttt
  20. MarijuanaBaybee

    32 plants, 12k vertical, SS#4 beds, 1st try...

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeee chrushhhhhhhhin it maing! cant wait to see them AG's
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