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    Making the Switch to Coco Beds 1st timer

    i had four 4x8 beds setup very similar to these beds here, drains setup the same way, i used about a inch of lava rock on the bottom and grew with soil, obviously much different, but im anxious to see how this turns out. all i know though is that it took a LOT of water to get the whole bed...
  2. J

    4-site / 5k watts vertical (DIY- UC x MPB)

    damn dude. that's a room full o' pot. dd's would be proud.
  3. J

    Coco Round 2 - Alien Dogs of Doom!

    yeah I quit growing for a bit. quit working for the collective. tryin to get a lil something going again. nothing fancy though, as I have zero income at the moment. your room is look fantastic, glad to see it still in full swing. keep the updates comin!
  4. J

    Coco Round 2 - Alien Dogs of Doom!

  5. J

    400 Plants in two 7'x10'x8' flowering rooms

    as said 100 per 4x4 is toooo many. i had four 4x8 beds, 2k over each bed. and depending on strain anywhere from 40-70 plants per 4x4 area/light. THAT was too much, i liked growing in 2 gal perfect pots. 36 per 4x4 area/light. it worked well. but honestly same could be had doing 9...
  6. J

    OD's Window Indo

    that lsd came out fuckin perfect...
  7. J

    OD's Window Indo

    damn dude, nice. that black domina looks gnarly. and LSD is one of the best/easiest plants i have ever grown, probably only second to some blue dream.
  8. J

    8k+ SOG build out.

    i didnt finish this grow out, i quit growing pot when all the legal issues around here started getting iffy. the room did finish out producing around 6-7 lbs. sorry for the abandonment. looking to getting a micro grow going soon just for personal.
  9. J

    400w ScrOG

    hope you didnt pay for that clone, id start with some nice healthy ones. your only setting yourself back from the get go. not a way to start.
  10. J

    Sour Grape, Palermo Hash, A-Train, Red Dragon
  11. J

    8k+ SOG build out.
  12. J

    Sour Grape, Palermo Hash, A-Train, Red Dragon

    ya bro fuck those beds. lol. too much work for not enough performance. i think were are ditching them after this run...
  13. J

    Sour Grape, Palermo Hash, A-Train, Red Dragon

    Growing pretty well.
  14. J

    Switching nutes in Round

    Thinking about switching nutrients from my cutting edge and was wondering, if there are adverse effects to switching nutes like 30 days into flower, i think ours is bad, and we were planning on switching lineups after, just wondering if i can do it now... thanks.
  15. J

    8k+ SOG build out.

    These pictures are from a few days ago... Finally starting to fill out. lol. think ill be taking them till the first week of april.
  16. J

    My Commercial Grow

    i have tears in my eyes. this cant be for real?
  17. J

    Sour Grape, Palermo Hash, A-Train, Red Dragon

    i water by hand, i have a few 55 gal res throughout my house, just got a pump and hose with a wand. yeah i was thinking ill flip right around the first of the month. just hoping the red dragon grows a little faster, as its obviously a little behind...
  18. J

    Sour Grape, Palermo Hash, A-Train, Red Dragon

    All transplanted... Full Palermo Tray(36) Plus 7 more in the sour grape tray(43 total), Then 27 Sour Grape, 1 Mendo Berry,1 A-Train, Then 1 Red Dragon.(not in the room yet) Got em all transplanted today and watered with 1ml/gal of roots excel, i swear by this stuff. clone with it all the way...
  19. J

    Sour Grape, Palermo Hash, A-Train, Red Dragon

    sorry man, only growing one red dragon and one a train then the rest palermo and sour grape. i just need to see what the a train and red dragon do since we have never grown it before. they might be off to the side not in the trays. Got the intake all setup and lights blown with a carbon...
  20. J

    Sour Grape, Palermo Hash, A-Train, Red Dragon

    Plan on taking her 60-70 days my friend, thanks for the kind words! good luck on your outdoor, i really love this strain, it got reaaaaal frosty on me last run, it FLEW off our shelf. sold the quickest of any strain we've ever had at the club.
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