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  1. M0nStarNuggety

    PPM’s and PH are messing me up

    What nutrients are you using? Mixing process? You will a have minor PH rise naturally as the plants drink and use the nutrients. But your PPM will drop slightly also.
  2. M0nStarNuggety

    Starting my 2nd DWC grow.

    Looks nice and healthy. I don't start counting my Veg time til almost a week after popping the seed. I don't call it Veg when they just open and are only establishing themselves. Have to let them find themselves before you throw all that stuff at them🤣
  3. M0nStarNuggety

    Fudge's candy shop - The Never-ending Story

    Nice!! I finally got a trim tray myself after sooooo many years. I was a fool to not use one😬😂. Just threw some buds of mine on it and did a lil dance. Knocked me out last nite🔥😎🤣
  4. M0nStarNuggety

    Insulation for pvc and buckets, room in garage with chiller no ac

    Is there a reason not to run A/C?
  5. M0nStarNuggety

    Insulation for pvc and buckets, room in garage with chiller no ac

    You want if fully secured to buckets, any space will be an air pocket and create condensation. A spray contact cement will work. But that alone is alot of work, when running an AC would be easier. I live in NWI/Chicago area and know the summers, YOU WILL HAVE ISSUES WITHOUT A CLIMATE CONTROL...
  6. M0nStarNuggety

    Novice grower, help needed, possible Cal/Mag deficiency

    Also did this begin with the switch from tap to rainwater? Rainwater can differ greatly in content. Also depends on where it was collected. I would suggest giving the rainwater a good cal/mag boost.
  7. M0nStarNuggety

    Novice grower, help needed, possible Cal/Mag deficiency

    Another nice thing with the fabrics is you could always put them in a shallow tray filled with your nute solution. Then let them sit and soak it up until fully watered.
  8. M0nStarNuggety

    Novice grower, help needed, possible Cal/Mag deficiency

    I have noticed with the fabrics pots that you need to water slower and let it soak in well. Perhaps try watering more at once but be sure that it is being soaked up and not running out sides. I water with half then wait 10-15 min, and water with remaining. I have noticed the soil soaks more...
  9. M0nStarNuggety

    Giveaway Free Test - Spider Farmer SE3000 LED and SF Grow Tent

  10. M0nStarNuggety

    Fudge's candy shop - The Never-ending Story

    Could always take it to the next level. Spray inside and outside of tent. Seal up everything after lights out, as in grow tents, HVAC venting and doors. Then bomb the room with a fogger. Some use natural ingredients and can be re-entered after a few hours.
  11. M0nStarNuggety

    I am seeking help with cloning.

    Are you opening the dome slightly after rooting to harden them to the environment before transplanting them? After 4-5 days I begin opening the dome more daily to harden them off.
  12. M0nStarNuggety

    Second Attempt at first grow! Auto Lemon Seedsman

    LOL, I do agree the sun beats all. But you can run them harder with longer light cycles. 20-22 hrs lights on can make some big ladies.
  13. M0nStarNuggety

    Fudge's candy shop - The Never-ending Story

    I use Green Cleaner. Worked well for me, not cheap though
  14. M0nStarNuggety

    First Time Grow, looking to do it right.

    Suggestion for next time or while still small enough. Try to reinforce those lids. I used the same tubs and lids but 6in net pots. And noticed the lid sagging a lot after the grow. I cut 1/2 in plywood to fit and painted it with outdoor paint. Then wrapped the foil over top and tack screwed the...
  15. M0nStarNuggety

    Blue Dream Auto Help

    They don't start out the fastest. But when they take root and go, it's an amazing sight to see. Night temps are a bit low. But looks good.
  16. M0nStarNuggety

    Any ideas why leaf twists

    What are you watering with? I didn't notice the tip burn on larger one at first.
  17. M0nStarNuggety

    Any ideas why leaf twists

    Looks to be turning towards the light. Color and everything looks good.
  18. M0nStarNuggety

    Some experienced growers opinions please

    Looks damn good. AutoFlowers are a bit tricky sometimes. And if you make a lot of variables it can push their flower back a little. I personally don't top them and usually LST. But this grow I only have done strategic defoliation. Popped these March 5th, just finishing up their stretch now...
  19. M0nStarNuggety

    Solo Cup Challenge - Inspired by Bean throwing Day

    I will definitely have a go at this, so count me in😎. Unfortunately I'm in the process of transition. So I only have 2 small tents running, and both are full🙃. I should be up and running in new rooms before end of May. I'm going for that 1gal, 1lb challenge (you are killing it in right now) as well🤩
  20. M0nStarNuggety

    Boveda Packs? anyone have any experience?

    It was the pack. All my other jars remaining were perfect. They were dried and stored for close to a month. I was in an out of that jar alot because it was yummy. Was getting a bit dry compared to the others. Added a pack and left it, within a week I had fresh white mold inoculating the whole jar.
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