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  1. ReeferRon

    New to rosin but want to start making my own...any suggestions for a noob on a budget?

    Hey thanks for the idea! To late for me but could help some one else. I actually pulled the trigger a couple months ago and got me a Nug Smasher OG. Paid a little more than I wanted, but that little machine has already more than paid for itself!
  2. ReeferRon

    Clone questions and techniques in soil

    I use a bubble cloner and then transfer to soil with great success. How long after they root are you transferring them to soil? You should let them root in the cloner for at least a week or two after they start before putting them in soil. They should have a nice little root system starting...
  3. ReeferRon

    Looking for a suggestion on Terp increasing

    IDK man. I'm an old guy and kinda think all those terp builders are bro science. Can you make a plant produce terps that don't have the genetic disposition to do so? I don't think you can. I have two phenos of the same Made of Honor strain. One is terpy as hell. Stinks up the whole...
  4. ReeferRon

    Nanners late in flower (help)

    Cant really tell from the picture. But it looks like bunch of pistils to me. Those damn nanners are very obvious when they pop. They literally look like little bananas. I also found this little article that talks about the whole thing...
  5. ReeferRon

    ReeferRons Perpetual Grow Log and other Miscellaneous Stuff

    For sure what a cool score! Lady I got it from, said her husband was an old hippy and brought it from Cali in the 70's I think. One dollar! A couple years after I found it I was in a dispensary in Detroit and they had one exactly like it on the wall. I told the owner about mine and he offered me...
  6. ReeferRon

    Michigander checkin in

    Welcome to the farm! Born and raised in South West Detroit. In the burbs now with a basement full of dank!
  7. ReeferRon

    ReeferRons Perpetual Grow Log and other Miscellaneous Stuff

    Oh yeah! I have little journal I can post Its been awhile so I decide to bump my shit. Hard to keep up with the journal when your stoned to the bone and stuck to the damn couch...Ahh to have my problems. Check out my 50 kilo sack! I picked that up at a yard sale for a buck! lol That...
  8. ReeferRon


    Hey very cool grow and set up! Thank you for sharing with us. I never did a side by side like you, but I grew with 1000 watt hps bulbs for years and just switched to LED. After my first harvest using LED I can honestly say that I yield the same if not more from my 650 watt LEDs as I did with...
  9. ReeferRon

    First Time Grow, looking to do it right.

    I know you said you don't want to mess with Alibaba but I use these to flower with...They are beast of flower lights for the low. And will fit a 5x5 perfectly. I have one and just upgrade to another even better one for a 4x8 space. Paid $650 for this one shipped and $800 for the one I just...
  10. ReeferRon

    First Time Grow, looking to do it right.

    I use the BP3000 for veg and can say its a helluva light for the price. $239 for 300 watts from the wall aint to bad. Now I don't use it to flower as I don't think its enough watts to flower a 4x4 by itself. Two however? IDK. I use a 650 watt light for flower. They also have the BP4000 that is...
  11. ReeferRon

    What up farmers!

    Welcome to the farm. Fire it up!
  12. ReeferRon

    Ideal Temp of feeding water

    I keep mine room temp or right around 70F-72F.
  13. ReeferRon

    SoCal stoner

    What's up from Detroit, Michigan! Welcome to the farm. Lots of passionate farmers around here with all skill levels. Glad you found us! -ReeferRon
  14. ReeferRon

    im planning my first grow

    IDK man could just be water damage. I know letting those little beads of water sit on the tender seedlings is not good. Something about the light magnifies through the water and burns the leaves. I always make sure after watering I give my seedlings a tender little flick if they have any drops...
  15. ReeferRon

    Help identifying strain (bagseed grow)

    Looks like marijuana culled about 2-4 weeks to early. When the flowers are ripe all those hairs recede and the calyxes swell. Even if you would have let it go till ready, no one would be able to tell strain by just looking. Next time be more patient and you will have increased yield and potency.
  16. ReeferRon

    Dog peed on carpet next to grow tent

    Interrupted his nap. I'm an old man don't have a toddler for that toddler bed. That's Hendrix's bed. He even uses the pillow. Dude is a wee bit spoiled. If anybody else tried to piss on my plants, well...
  17. ReeferRon

    Dog peed on carpet next to grow tent

    Crazy, the plants must make them think its ok to mark their territory. I have two rooms with black hatch zipper doors on them and I swear if I leave those doors open, ole Hendrix here will sure lift his leg and give squirt toward the plants.. Man when he first did that I almost went ballistic...
  18. ReeferRon

    Prove to me your "Santa's beard" is endo mycos.

    Did someone forget to take his meds today?
  19. ReeferRon

    Exhaust Fan: When to Run?

    IKR. Its a twelve inch Amazon cheapo 1060 cfm. 290 watts. I use it to exhaust two 4x8 rooms with a 6 inch split. I don't for sure know how to do the math to figure out exactly what its costing. I looked at the electric bill and it looks like my rate for kwh fluctuates between .045 and .066...
  20. ReeferRon

    Exhaust Fan: When to Run?

    I know its kind of crazy but I keep mine running 24/7. Just because I really pack the plants in there and want to keep it dry as possible to avoid mold and or mildew. I don't really have a problem with heat, more as soon as that exhaust fan kicks off the humidity spikes. So I just keep it...
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