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  1. elPannocia

    Need some help

    I'd have to disagree, looks like heavy nitrogen toxicity. I have had this before when I was supplementing with calcium nitrate in hydro late in flowering. If you ever had it is quite unmistakeble. Deep green, claw, crispy yellow leaves like you burn it with nutrients. Just give water and finish...
  2. elPannocia

    Is my male sterile?

    It could very well be, the process of femization sometimes is not so straightforward. Some individuals just don't reverse properly, resulting in nopollen, aberrant or sterile pollen. Good Luck!
  3. elPannocia


    I'd say it make no difference in soil. When you stop feeding nutrients you still have some in the soil and it will take sometime before the plants deplete it completely and start to fade away. I think that could have more sense in hydro, where you try to mimick the end of the season, when...
  4. elPannocia

    Opinions of first grow? Cali strain is unknown.

    Nice!! Reminds me of cookies🧐
  5. elPannocia

    Feeding schedule?

    What kind of soil you have? with Cannabis less is more, don't stress to much or you will stress your babies too!! Usually if soil is prefertilized I don't feed for the first 4-6 weeks, if lightly fertilized you can easily go without adding anything but water for the first 3-4 weeks. When you...
  6. elPannocia

    Such low temperatures?

    Hei Foutwenty71, Super Silver Haze is one of my favorites, real powerful and trippy high capable of bringing back LSD flashbacks hehe. In my experience the major factor influencing plants growth in hot environments are the genetics. You have to go back and think where these plants would grow in...
  7. elPannocia


    Hei, to me looks more likely insects damage. have you looked the underside of the leaf? you indoor or outdoor?
  8. elPannocia

    Brown and yellow blotches on leaves. Need some help figuring out how to fix it.

    Hi Duff, to me it seems Ca deficiency. With high intensity LED lights I always notice problems with calcium and magnesium deficiencies, but some plants cope better than others. It might be that this genetic is more prone to develop this type of problem and I think that also the 24h cycle could...
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