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  1. Oldguy71

    Trichome colors? Trying to learn the differences

    Might as well give it another week.
  2. Oldguy71

    Male or Female?? Help a brother out!

    It’s not showing sex yet. Looks hungry or overwatered too
  3. Oldguy71

    Big buds and and purple nugs?

    Check out cannarado genetics. Everything I’ve ran from them has been fire and pretty plants too.
  4. Oldguy71

    Could this be a deficiency?

    If you don’t have a test kit how do you know the ph is 5 coming out? Ph isn’t something you can guess at.
  5. Oldguy71

    PWM on clones, Will i ever be able to eradicate it?

    Spray the entire plant with 1/2 tsp baking soda Into a 32oz water. One application should do it. Molds need an acidic environment to thrive.
  6. Oldguy71

    First grow going well, how long now?

    I bet you have 3+ weeks to go. 95% of the hairs will turn brownish and kinda shrink back into the flower when you’re getting close to ripe
  7. Oldguy71

    Clonning of monster croped clone

    Clones in general stay shorter and bushier. How the mother was trained doesn’t effect how the clone grows.
  8. Oldguy71

    Could this be a deficiency?

    I’d go 100% bloom for the next feeding or two. There’s enough nitrogen in floranova bloom to keep em going.
  9. Oldguy71

    Could this be a deficiency?

    I’d cut out the cal mag for a few waterings and only use 1 ml per gal when you resume use. I would also up your feed ppms to 650ish and switch over to bloom nutrients. She looks like she could use the extra p and k.
  10. Oldguy71

    Could this be a deficiency?

    Take some pictures with natural light. Can’t tell what’s going on when everything is red
  11. Oldguy71

    Potassium? Something else? Need help.

    I’d cut back the cal mag. I tsp a gal is a lot
  12. Oldguy71

    Making feminized pollen problem help!

    You should get pollen in about a week but it may not be viable. It can take up to two weeks for viable pollen.
  13. Oldguy71

    Making feminized pollen problem help!

    If your using cs or sts you need to stop spraying after the male flowers spear. Silver solutions block ethylene absorption causing the sex change but male flower also need ethylene to produce viable pollen.
  14. Oldguy71

    seeds germ in paper then fizzle in soil

    Soil has the proper air: water ratio too unless saturated, same with the paper towel. Same germ rate too. The only reason to germ in a paper towel is so you know it sprouted. Why sprout a tiny delicate root to disturb it and risk damage transplanting? I think it actually sets you back a bit...
  15. Oldguy71

    New strain ready for harvest?

    Looks a couple weeks out to me
  16. Oldguy71

    Need advise on first time clonning

    Sometimes the stem doesn’t make good contact with the medium. Try pushing in the droopy ones. Temp and rh should be 80.
  17. Oldguy71

    seeds germ in paper then fizzle in soil

    I’d put some of your sterile dirt in a solo cup water it. Sick your seed in it and leave it alone until you water it again. Skip the paper towel, it does nothing to help the seed germinate. Just put it in dirt and water it pretty well when it feels light. Also, the seed could be carrying the...
  18. Oldguy71

    Having some issues with 1 plant of 4

    I’m betting it will grow out of it. I have one with a similar leaf. It’s nothing
  19. Oldguy71

    Let's see your best Ethos genetics pics

    It was a bit heavy on the orange and light on the skunk but definitely tasty
  20. Oldguy71

    Let's see your best Ethos genetics pics

    Skunk hero Orange velvet underground
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