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  1. coherent

    Hi, I need an air conditioner for my room any recommendations?

    I've had a couple of portable ac units over the years and in my opinion they are all crap. A good window unit will work. You can prob even find a used one craigslist etc. Like someone already mentioned get a mini split if you can and you won't regret it. It will work the best and save you $ in...
  2. coherent

    Capture the "perfect" pic on Google/Android phone???

    Don't know your specific phones camera options, but if you have a way to set it to a low f-stop (opening the aperture) you will narrow the field of focus which blurs the background which may be the look you're wanting. Many of the really good cannabis photos you see aren't taken with phone...
  3. coherent

    Getting Close? Do Many Growers Harvest too Soon?

    I look through grow diaries and see a large portion of the harvested at 7-8 weeks of flower. Not sure if folks are harvesting too soon or just not very accurate on their counting of days/weeks in flower. Or, maybe I just wait too long? These were switched 10 weeks ago tomorrow and I'm still...
  4. coherent

    what do you guys use to measure your nutes?

    Amazon sells large 30ml syringes with 10 inch long blunt needles. They work perfect and reach the bottom of even larger 1 gal nute bottles.
  5. coherent

    Day 13 after sprout. Extremely slow/no growth?

    You need to water to run off, not "very lightly daily". Your plants need more water and nutes mix than they are getting. Your coco is soaking up what little it's getting and staying way to dry for the roots to feed the plant. How much will depend on pot size. For coco/perlite, start your...
  6. coherent

    How can I slightly lower the temperature in my tent ?

    Just lower the room temp if you can and then increase the rpm on your inline fan so you exchange more tent air faster.
  7. coherent

    Been lurking for about 13 years, I'm in the industry now and figured WTH...

    Welcome. I'd be really interested in hearing more specifics about your nutrients... specific nutes, amounts and so on. I grow in coco and I've only used the more popular stuff like the GH Flora trio and Fox Farm trio and am really interested in finding some quality techniques that work as well...
  8. coherent

    Day 67 in flower , is it ready ?

    Look ready to me, but can't be positive without checking trichomes. You have a lot of foxtailing happening which isn't a bad thing and creates fatter buds, but that means you have buds growing new buds... so you'll continue to get white pistols
  9. coherent

    Sorry for the noob question

    About 4 weeks from pollination min. 5-6 weeks is closer to normal. When the outer pod skin turns brown the seeds are ready to harvest and at that point can fall out on their own if the plant is bumped or by winds. Hard to say from your photos but yours may be getting close.
  10. coherent


    The specs on that light show PPFD examples/specs from 12 to 22 inches (on 100%). In your videos it looks like the light is 2-3 feet from the tops. I'd have it on 100% and about 18 inches unless I saw issues. Closer lights will also warm the plants a bit more.
  11. coherent

    What to do with Larf...

    You'll get a lot of different opinions and it's all down to personal preference. If you compare what you call your "larf" to the stuff we were growing and smoking in the 70's your "larf" would blow it away. Not just by a little, but by a mile. So, cure it and try it. You may be pleasantly...
  12. coherent

    Hi guys on my first grow need some help

    You must mean day 45 of flower? Looking good. If those are 45 day since planted, I want to know where to get some seeds!
  13. coherent

    Is this plant male, please help?

    If it's a good strong plant and a strain you like, then let it grow and save the pollen. The pollen can be saved and I think if properly saved and frozen will last a year or two. Good pollen is lots harder to come by than seeds! Considering the price of quality seeds, it can be a worthwhile...
  14. coherent

    Sorry for the noob question

    Let it go until harvest time. Chop it down, dry it, cure it and then enjoy it! It'll still provide some decent medicine. If you get some seeds for another grow, so much the better. But if only one plant and it herm'd chances are better than average that the seeds plants will also herm unless...
  15. coherent

    Sorry for the noob question

    Looks like it got pollinated or pollinated itself?
  16. coherent

    Best indoor cannabis growing tent.

    +1 on the AC Infinity Cloudline tents. With their fans and exterior mounted digital controller they are decent setups for reasonable $. I also have a couple of the cheaper brands including a Mars Hydro. They are ok. Not the best but they will do the job if your budget is tight.
  17. coherent

    Dear hand waterers. What's your weapon of choice?

    Harbor freight has a similar one for less than $10. Use silicone on the tube connections and an extension "wand" using cheap 1/4 or 1/2 in conduit or pvc 3 ft long or so to reach the back of the tent. As stated a game changer. They reach perfectly to the bottom of wally world 3 gal water jugs!
  18. coherent

    New to the growing world and need some advice

    Hard to say, some strains stay fairly short and bushy. They look a bit small but not stunted, but I don't have a lot of experience growing autos. I've read some autos don't stretch as much. It's still pretty early and they may take off still. Personally I wouldn't move the light away to induce...
  19. coherent

    Is This A Calcium Deficiency?

    Without any grow specifics don't see how anyone can even guess.
  20. coherent

    Hey this is latest grow

    Looks ok but with funky color photos it hard to say.
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