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  1. Pippins

    Understanding Effects Of Water With High Alkalinity

    I'm necroing this thread because I like the topic and have a question for the water experts who I'm sure are present. I have issues with high alkalinity-the tests for my town's water source I found on the internet show an average of about 150 mg/L alkalinity but they also show 185 mg/L...
  2. Pippins

    Combatting High Heavy Metals Testing

    It's good to be an educated consumer about these things. I'm a proponent of organics, but I don't like the shrift that heavy metals in organic amendments/soils receives. If you are concerned about the heavy metal content of your flowers, the short answer is, if you use a known, clean source of...
  3. Pippins

    Put my seeds in the fridge now they're not germinating?

    People store their seeds in the fridge for years without any issues, it's not that. Here is a good germination guide, lots of bad info floating around
  4. Pippins

    The Stankiest and Rankest Strains?

    Top Dawg and Karma both have some good stanky genetics. To some extent, you get what you pay for in the seed game.
  5. Pippins

    Week 5 of flower need help

    I'd switch up nutrients, whatever you're feeding now isn't working for you. You might have a messed up soil PH or PPMs, so I'd check on those. I'd get a bag of Maxibloom and start immediately feeding 500 ppms to start, ph the water to around 6 each time. If you don't have a ph meter, buy a...
  6. Pippins

    Is flushing really the thing to do

    None of the good growers I know irl "flush." I'm amazed anyone still does, just goes to show you we have a long way to go in debunking bro science and "old wives tales" in cannabis growing. The final weeks of flowering are when the buds pack on weight and delicious flavor, it makes no sense to...
  7. Pippins

    How long does cal/mag last in hydro crunch coco

    Treat it like any other coco-never let it dry out and always feed it, never water. Feed it your target ppm/ph every time. I have no idea what that stuff's starting ec is like, but you need to continue to feed calcium and magnesium even in buffered coco. If you feed a complete nutrient, you...
  8. Pippins

    Scarification To Increase likelihood of Germination

    I prefer an h2o2 soak to physical scarification. H202 will chemically scarify a seed and is more gentle and effective in my experience, plus it kills off a lot of the pathogenic bacteria that a seed collects on its journey. I use 30 ml h2o2 per 500 ml water, soak seeds in that for 12-24 hours...
  9. Pippins

    Combatting High Heavy Metals Testing

    It does seem scary when you first look up all of your nutrients and find out how high some of them are in heavy metals, but if you go through them one by one, it's not too hard to find clean alternatives. I also had issues with high heavy metals at one point, but now my bud is clean! You can...
  10. Pippins

    Bush Load by GH past and present users!

    FFS don't put that crap on your plants. Notice on the bottle is says it's for "ornamental" plants? Paclo is filthy stuff, we should focus on making medicine, not poison.
  11. Pippins

    Seeking more info on dehumidification

    Those small dehumidifiers don't utilize compressors-they work using the "peltier method" and are extremely inefficient. If you bought a 30-50 pint proper dehumidifier with compressors, you'd be amazed at the amount of water they pull out. I run mine 24/7 in a 400 square foot space and I empty...
  12. Pippins

    Combatting High Heavy Metals Testing

    Kelp meal is extremely high in Arsenic in general, and some are worse than others. The arsenic in seaweed is a major dietary cause of cancer in the diet of some Asian populations. I'm going to be honest with you, there isn't much you can do to lower the heavy metal content in your soil, you...
  13. Pippins

    Strong medicine for pain management

    I started growing indoors again for this same reason-pain relief. I got hit with very fast developing rheumatoid arthritis 2 years ago and since then I've been trying to find the best strains for this issue. One thing is, stronger strains tend to work better, but the THC level isn't...
  14. Pippins

    What is your favourite strain and pheno ??

    Kali Mist is my #1, my #2+ is anything from Ace.
  15. Pippins

    Coco coir~ God mode ? HELP

    Just curious why you are using 20 gallon pots of coco in a commercial grow. Seems like you could do much better with multi feeds per day in smaller pots, spend less money on media, less on nutrients and increase productivity by adding more plants. People here grow trees in 1-3 gallon pots, I...
  16. Pippins

    Life long grower - new to Coco

    I started as a soil grower, grew indoors with a medical card in CA from 05-2010 in super soil, and am currently in the middle of my first coco grow. I have a thread in the coco section where I got some good help from Aqua Man that straightened out my grow. My plants were looking pretty sad and...
  17. Pippins

    Farmers don't flush? Oh, so you were an idiot before you grew weed...

    There is nothing quite like a born again vegan or militant organics proponent. To be clear, I'm mostly an outdoor grower, just getting back into indoor growing after 10 years. I love all the various organics systems, true living soil, Korean natural farming, etc. I've always found my outdoor...
  18. Pippins

    Need help watering in coco (newbie)

    Your plants look healthy, how have you been watering them up until now? What EC, ph, how often? Also, what type of coco are you using. One thing that comes to mind is you might have a drainage issue-that can happen sometimes if you have a lot of that powdery type of coir-it sort of turns into...
  19. Pippins

    Botanicare nutes for Coco medium!!

    Which Botanicare line? They have the CNS17, Kind, and Pure Blend lines. Why changing from Dyna Grow? To be honest, both companies make good products but you won't get significantly better performance by switching. Kind is a good 3 part formula, easy to use in Coco. Pure Blend Pro can be...
  20. Pippins

    Natural ways to lower ph Levels in water

    I use citric acid too, but you should know, if your tap water alkalinity is high, citric acid won't maintain the ph for long-its a very weak acid. However if your alkalinity is low, or you're adjusting RO water, citric acid is great. Citric Acid is also nice because it will actually lower your...
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