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  1. fredcann

    Plague in big greenhouse plant

    Hi Friends, I found this on some flowers this morning. Is a giant more than 13 feet tall plant in a greenhouse in soil. Could anyone suggest what to do? As you can see flower are not far from harvest. Thanks!
  2. fredcann

    Greenhouse feeding

    Thank you ! Is a black soil, with soma clay... far from sandy soil. No test on it. Is the first crop circle...I use mostly organic cane fertilizers. Do you think every 2 days is too much?
  3. fredcann

    Greenhouse feeding

    Hi, I have an interesting topic to discuss... very specific one. Feeding big plants in greenhouses. Its my first time, im doing great, but since it is a very specific situation, I would like to receive comments and share experiences. Since is "outdoor" soil (plant to the ground) and [huge...
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