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    Crop steering... I've been dying for something new to confuse the living shit out of me so I can spend hours and hours researching it. 😖
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    Plants yellowing and brown spots...

    I didn't recommend calmag, it's compensated for in the A and B in the Frontrow line. I do think following the appropriate chart and recommended EC for the nutrient line you chose is your best starting point.
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    Plants yellowing and brown spots...

    It does contain the micros but like I said your feeding at amended soil levels. I feel like you would be better feeding hard coco dose.
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    Who Can Read A Spectrum Graph?

    Like I said it's not much of a bender or I would. Most of my super stretchers have been on the spindly side, these suckers are beefy.
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    Who Can Read A Spectrum Graph?

    So I've got a crop that stretched a lot more than I expected and the strain is not much of a bender. My options are suffer some serious light burn or dim my double ended HPS lamps. I think it's pretty common knowledge that dimming HID's is not ideal for both optimal spectrum and energy...
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    Plants yellowing and brown spots...

    I would lean watering issues like Gnick says, familiarizing yourself with the weight of the pots could help. Madbuds got good stuff too, I love my pot elevators. As far as Frontrow charts go, you seem to be on a hard water/amended soil dose but personally I think of promix as closer to inert...
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    Hello from Moe.Red

    Holy sheep shit!
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    Aquas 5am cigarette abduction close call

    Just finished watching the latest season of Hangar 1 UFO Files on Netflix so I woulda been fully erect if I spotted that thing flying over my house. 🤣
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    high run off in coco

    Looks good. I just recently switched from Cannazym to SLF-100 but I think you're playing with fire by skipping the runoff.
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    Veteran Carbon Scrubber Reviewers Club

    After several hours pissed away on this mission I did find a potentialy promising option. TerraBloom seems like their building commercial grade units that are comparable at not quite the bend you over price. Anybody?
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    Veteran Carbon Scrubber Reviewers Club

    Please chime in with your own experiences. I have used Phresh, Can-Fan and Can-Lite brand carbon filters in just about every size and shape over the years and in my typical grow room RH range I find them all very comparable in efficiency and longevity. While they've never been cheap, the prices...
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    Front row ag?

    Any follow up input or fresh reviews? I'm getting close to putting in my order. I researched Jacks and Megacrop which I'm sure are quite similar but I really like that front row has a recipe specifically for RO/Coco that will at least get me in the ballpark of where I need to be. The biggest...
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    Nutrient lock-out. How to properly flush soil ?

    I think there is great value in adding a enzyme product in this situation.
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    Carbon scrubber while drying

    It's common practice and a necessity when dealing with quantities, terpene aroma is not diminished from the flower just removed from the air.
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    Cannazym vs. Hygrozyme vs. Sensizym vs. MultiZen

    I've used them all and although it's probably just my imagination Cannazym seems to fight of root rot issues the best. They're all 95% water and I'm sure cost pennies on the dollar to make. Until I find out better I guess I will keep using the one that dissolves paper and applesauce the best...
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    Cannazym vs. Hygrozyme vs. Sensizym vs. MultiZen

    How say you?
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    VPD (vapor pressure deficit)

    Still hoping for a VPD chart that takes CO2 enrichment into account. 😉
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    Root rot? Please help if its not too late.

    Holy sheep shit! Thank you aquaman. My bottle showed up today and after comparing labels I realized I just got a lifetime supply of "hydroguard" for $10. 1ml per 20gal seemed a little weak when I first read it but considering this stuff is roughly 300 times more potent it might be a little...
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    Finally Busted my Nut--- bought a portable A/C

    I would have been very attempted to add CO2 instead, utilize those temps instead and increase yield. CO2 Enriched Hydroponic Growing | Manic Botanix
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    Nutrients what are you using? Need advice here.

    Not RO water but close. Tap water is unusually clean 40ppm after tall boy 0ppm, I add silica first and then cal mag to my base water barrel. Media is Royal Gold Tupur fed once a day to significant run off. Right now I switch between Veg and Bloom and House and Garden (all 25 bottles of mystery...
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