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  1. Dummy buds

    Bacteria or mold or nutrient burn?

    Over watering symptoms for sure
  2. Dummy buds

    New to growing , very appreciative of all the info you have all provided !

    The first and most important thing, read about growing mediums, microbes, and healthy soil life. Hydro and DWC are cool too. Read about organics and compost teas Read about non organic products There is a wealth of knowledge out there, don't be afraid to ask questions.
  3. Dummy buds

    What’s the best soil

    Really if you amend any soil properly, all them are good. Right out of the bag, they all pretty much have issues.
  4. Dummy buds

    Questionable cuts got me worried

    The three leaves I wouldn't worry about, they were probably cuts they sexed, and it was in transition to flower and pulled back to veg when sex showed. As for the bugs, I'd toss them out. It's my personal thought, I don't use any pesticides or any pest control in my grows, because I don't need...
  5. Dummy buds

    Adding soluble seaweed extract to the soil

    Seaweed is always good, kelp works great too. Not sure of mixture rate, I'd use half of whatever the package says to use. Foliar sprays are ok, I don't use them, let seedlings be, they don't need much in their initial growth
  6. Dummy buds

    Finally feel like I’m back on track!

    What was the problem/fix?
  7. Dummy buds

    Growing with living soil indoor

    It's pretty hot to be honest. I'd cut it down with black gold or something, or use it like a super soil. I burnt plants bad, caused some herms, I dumped it on my tomatoes and got huge delicious cherry tomatoes
  8. Dummy buds

    What do you guys think of RO "greenfields"?

    I'm curious if anyone has tried it, what you think about it, if you had to make any tweaks to it, I've read it needs dolomite, just any input would be appreciated.
  9. Dummy buds

    Need a little help please

    I'll give it another day, what are your thoughts on the soil meters out there? I've read mixed reviews saying they're great, and others saying they are junk
  10. Dummy buds

    Need a little help please

    When I water them I let it run out about quart of water, its usually a little more that a gallon
  11. Dummy buds

    Need a little help please

    I give them about a gallon every 4 days, when nutes are added I got half the recommended application, im switching over to roots organic terp tea bloom and boost, im waiting on my bubble snake
  12. Dummy buds

    Need a little help please

    I was leaning towards that, I doubt over watering is it, I stick my finger clean down to the knuckle pretty much and only water when it's dry, I'm definitely not ruling out nute lock up, the soil is new for me, I waited about 5 weeks before I started using any notes. Today will be a water day...
  13. Dummy buds

    Need a little help please

    Gooooood morning friends!!! I need a little help, in the last 3 days I've ran into a deficiency I need a little help with. First off, I'm growing in a 4x4x8 tent, 2 LED SpiderX plus, co2, running canna organic nutes, cal/mag, molasses 1 time a month, Dirt is roots organic greenfields, growing...
  14. Dummy buds

    Diamond help

    Ok guys, I want to try and make some diamonds, I have a real good understanding how to, its actually pretty simple, just time consuming. My question is, can anyone post a few pictures or maybe a video of what the butane/bho mixture should look like? How soupy or not soupy it should be, thanks guys
  15. Dummy buds

    Need help on gooey shatter

    Ok guys, I'm gonna run a small batch, I've got some cured forbidden fruit nugs (personal smoke) I've got a glass tube, probably will hold a ounce or so, I will be blasting it into a glass pyrex dish, that will be placed in another glass dish with warm water in it, on a hot skillet. I plan to use...
  16. Dummy buds

    Need help on gooey shatter

    That was gonna be my next question, how much do I use?
  17. Dummy buds

    Need help on gooey shatter

    Can I use moonshine? I got a line on it, its 191 proof, how much do I use?
  18. Dummy buds

    Need help on gooey shatter

    Thank you for your response, I have no idea what winterizing is, I'll google it, and the tube wasn't real dirty, I'm wondering, I used 5 coffee filters the last couple times I did it and this time I used 2, the color is real pretty, tastes good, high is fantastic, it's just sticky, I will look...
  19. Dummy buds

    Need help on gooey shatter

    Hello everyone, I'm semi new to this, dont beat me up to bad. I blasted about 3 ounces of some power plant, really frosty crystals, all nug material (personal smoke jar) Used 5 cans of the whippet butane, not exactly sure how much each can holds I first blasted it into a pyrex dish in warm...
  20. Dummy buds

    Light Shopping

    I'm running the fluence spiderX and they effectively cover a 4x4 pattern, but have good par at 5x5.
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