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    Cannettes (cannabis Cigarettes)

    They're called joints or pre-rolls and they're older than your gramma..and no way would any self respecting cannabis consumer smoke with a filter. Do you take showers with your socks on?
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    Master Kush Og

    Interesting. I just got a cut of Cali Love in flower now. Some friends in LA are close to folks who used to work there and got some clean cuts fwiw. They've got Earthshaker..XXX..and Power as well. I remember a few/6-7 years ago we picked up some master kush from santa rosa, and it didn't have...
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    Master Kush Og

    she's looking kill homie. Do you know if she is the same cut as P.O.#5 aka California Love?
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    Nute Combo?

    hmm..well..I'm a soil guy. For sure starting to look locked out there. Last time I had thrips caused all sorts of havoc, but I think it was a bacterial root infection more than anything. My first thought would be that Soul N didn't help. Is that Aurora Innovations? Looks like a soil product to...
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    Garage To A Warehouse

    Homie..haven't been able to reach you by phone or email..hope you're just super busy and all is well. Give us a shout when you can. @Smokey503ski
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    honesty, that's the wrong kind of paranoid thinking imvho. Not paying your bill..ganja smells..and heat signatures will raise more flags than any ballast use will ever reveal. But to give you a simple answer that isn't far too technical that a layman can could use a power...
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    Skunk VA cut of chem 91

    she can be a little bit viny..tell tale hunger for magnesium after cloning and late flower. probably the most faked cut in history along with sour d and og kush..gonna run me some more real soon
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    Dudded, Stunted, and Runted plants...

    I grew out 2 different cuts of directly from hammerhead. They both dudded after 1 run. She has a weak root system. Nothing else was affected, but after reading about other folks and their problems with glue..I was careful to clone her in her own dome away from my other genetics. That...
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    How much do dispensaries buy wax for?

    It really depends on who you talk to I guess..but seeing bomb live resin for around 52, amber shatter for less than that..retail is anywhere from 35-50 gram. It's super flooded and see lots of people who still like flowers only still. I expect it to change a little bit as harvest season is a wrap.
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    I bet your kid is getting big these days. Always loved your work...especially that sour d. Great luck getting the show going again bro. Maybe repeat this post in your old grow thread too. For the timer..let's call it a T-103 (haven't wired a digi one yet)'s probably 4 wire because they're...
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    Bag Seed Genetics

    They are F2's of ISP seeds, from tester packs..his blue dream is not the clone only 70/30. Still might find some good plants in there though.
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    Bag Seed Genetics

    Ya..I'm the one who thought up his name for him. Then I had to ban him from a different website for his partner taking credit as the creator of another breeders work, using f2's.
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    Mag Def Recover

    some spotted leaves will fully recover..some of the lowers will just go south..pluck em after recovery, when you know they're dead.
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    2 Ph Pens, 2 Readings Why?

    bluelab sucks imho When probes are new..they need to be soaked in tap water for 24 hrs, before your first calibration. Always, calibrate your meters with at least 7 and 4. Store probe end in tap water when not in use. Bench top meters always seem more accurate to me. Been using Milwaukee and I...
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    Looking For A Good Yielding Frosty Lemon Kush

    curious if you know any backstory on your lemon kush cut..cali cut..bag seed..seed bank?
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    how much are dispensaries paying for a pound?

    I'm out east and I'm lucky to get 3 for TK and wifi43 wholesale..I'm sure if I got on my grind I could double that. There's so much herb and wax floating around for cheap anymore.
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    Looking For Neuropathic Pain Relief

    I find some cookie hybrids to relieve physical discomfort very well. Some of them can be a bit heavy on the head though..mostly worth it.
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    Do Og Strains Bulk Late In Flower?

    I had to look it up..but some sort of cross. Nepali (Fire) OG Kush x Frisco OG (hell's angel og xdeadhead og)
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    Do Og Strains Bulk Late In Flower?

    Pure og's change with environment...and every OG is different. Food..temps..feeding habits..medium..all can determine how they end up. Blowing them out with warm rooms co2 and boosters is not always the best idea. But og's do tend to swell late and chunk hard the last bit of flower fwiw
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