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  1. sticky icky

    Michigan... Strains, pics, and whatever!

    Motorbreath #6 ~ Funkadelic
  2. sticky icky

    Cookie Monster grow by SMF 5 guy

    Beautiful grow brotha !! You've got that Cookie Monster throwin out some chunky fuckin dank lookin colas !! Those beds are rockin out for sure !! Keep up the great work !!!
  3. sticky icky

    Gorilla Glue#4

    In my best Eminem Ken Kaniff voice !!! Oooooohhhh Fuckkk Yeahhhhh !!!! Oaahhh !!!
  4. sticky icky

    Manically Obsessed

    Lookin fuckin dank up in here bro .... Very nice !!!!
  5. sticky icky

    Gorilla Glue#4

    @lino you sound like a fuckin complete toolbag to be honest ... And you bring it on yourself ... Was anyone talking about using this cut to breed with to sell to the masses ?? This thread was started to appreciate the cut itself .. Most of these cats are doing x's with it to find killer phenos...
  6. sticky icky

    Divine Genetics - Girl Scout Cookies

    You got some fat frosty juicy ass bruads twerkin up in here bro ..... and I like it when I see juicy ass bruads twerkin !!!! You can't go wrong with white cookies mmmm mmmm !!!! Beautiful galz brotha !!!!
  7. sticky icky

    Gorilla Glue#4

    Can't wait to get a run in with this gal finally, had her for along time but just haven't gotten around to her ... I remember smoking on a few nugs about a year or so ago from this cat who's round wasn't dialed to say the least and really liked the unique flavor and smell just been so long I...
  8. sticky icky

    = The BEST OG Kush Clone Only=

    Chillin with @rawman last night watching the UFC and took a stroll through his beautiful garden and snapped some pics of the TK before she gets whacked @63 day'z she's got that putrid rotten fuely sour bite to her and killer trich and oil production mmm mm mm nasty girl !!! We were gettin blown...
  9. sticky icky

    = The BEST OG Kush Clone Only=

    Hellz yeah bro lookin killer ... I need to get over there and have a smell sesh on those gal'z b4 you whack em !!! Can't wait to puff them beauties !!! Mmmm mmm mmm !!!
  10. sticky icky

    = The BEST OG Kush Clone Only=

    Sfv~og'izzle on the rizzle my nizzle's !!! ;) I'll see if I can dig up a few more pics from this run with her .. Mmmm mmm mmm !! She can deff be a tasty gal !! Nothin like a having a few jars of some stinkin ass dank kush on tap you know ... If you ever happen to see a Intervention special on tv...
  11. sticky icky

    What does your forum username mean?

    Cause I grow the you wanna smoke with your boy Rick James !?!?
  12. sticky icky

    GM's photo gallery

    Lady's are lookin lush bro !!! Some nice flavor'z bustin off !! Rock that shit !!!
  13. sticky icky

    February POTM

    Motorbreath ~ Candy og pheno ...
  14. sticky icky

    = The BEST OG Kush Clone Only=

    Popped a grip if Motorbreath along while back and this was a really nice Sfv dom pheno finishing up from that seed run ... she had a candy like fruity kush smell and flavor that was dope but I ended up keeping a different pheno in the end, I was looking for that rotten fuely og funk and that's...
  15. sticky icky

    Canna Aqua in RDWC or DWC?

    Ok killer bro thanks for tip ;) .. Hell yeah sounds like your busy !!! I'm in the same boat no question !!! Money don't sleep tho right !?! Yeah Ive got a pro mix and soil mix run now that I'm using CS on and I like it no doubt but I also have things in coco with Canna Coco and I have to say...
  16. sticky icky

    Canna Aqua in RDWC or DWC?

    I don't myself but a good friend of mine does and he really likes it !!! Says the "ph stays really stable" in his DWC set up which you know is a big plus !! Imo you can't go wrong with the Canna line period .... tried and true !!!! House and Garden is very similar in most aspects and a bit...
  17. sticky icky

    = The BEST OG Kush Clone Only=

  18. sticky icky


    Easy there KILLER !!! Lmao !!! Wowwww !!!
  19. sticky icky

    This is the Coolest Way To Foliar Spray !!

    Fogmaster JR... is a real nice way to foliar or apply pesticides and etc aswell ...
  20. sticky icky

    OG techniques?

    All depends on what your trying to yield really, the lower the veg time the more plant #'s per light your going to need to make up for the weight bro !!! Deff super crop and train them out a bit .. All comes down to your growing style ... Personally I like to use nutes like normal on the og's...
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