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    Panama Red

    ^ think just about all of Reef's gear would rock in central Cali...ha ;)
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    Reeferman Pink Kush....tlo

    Nicely done ! has only 1 Pink Kush, outdoor's this season but she showed up to the show ! tasty, candy kush with not much mold for such dense clusters ;) crossed her to Reef's Mighty Mite IBL, so will be a Early Pink Kush type next year...ha
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    Willie Jack Seeds.

    if ya don't know Willy...then ya don't know Jack ! ( their old slogan;) ) not seen gear from WJ in many moon's...ran the Black Jack circa Y2K and was pretty darn good for a $50 pack
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    G-13 (pacific) X Heritage Sativa Blueberry

    good stuff :) hope you get a keeper... !
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    G-13 (pacific) X Heritage Sativa Blueberry

    slightly off topic but, have you tried my testers ( BB x 88 G13/HP ) out yet...?
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    me thinks maybe genetics he's selected...? ;)
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    Pakistani Landraces/Afghani Landraces

    Back in the day...Reeferman collected then bred a bunch of region of origin, landrace Hashplant's ( Lebanese, Afghani, Indian, Turkish, China Yunnan, Nepalese, Uzbecki, Tasjiki, etc, etc )strain hunting old world Indica's a noble mission indeed...;)
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    Your All Time Best Producer, Indoor Or Outdoor.

    recently cropped 1 plant of OG Raskal White Fire OG. she yielded 14.5 ounces dry, from a 3 gallon pot of coco, GH 3 part and additives. 1 month veg/2 month flower. plant was about 4' tall and 3' wide, topped twice in veg. every branch had tops the size of tall boy beer cans of very high quality...
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    Outdoor prices around the country

    Can get last years Texada Timewarp, right off island, for $ 700 an elbow. Heard of lots of BC outdoor goin for under a K...
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    history of bubba kush

    you can still find "AF-Pak" seeds from Heritage seeds via the Vancouver Seed Bank... and a bubbleberry cross
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    Deadhead OG cal/mag

    when u run in2 deficencies, with afghani/kush type plants, 8 times outta' 10, it's a Ca/Mg issue... it's not rocket appliance/science
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    info on strain called" Death"

    Pine Death Artner
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    Need advice on breeding project.

    BC Godbud x Haze sounds intense, hard 2 go wrong there...
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    Which breeder/seedbank has the best representation of US genetics available?

    ding ding... we have a winner ! what was the chicken b4 the kush egg ? bagseed from 80's comm weed comin outta the pacific north west area ?
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    Strongest OG cut?

    - Nuggetry OG - Abusive OG - SFV OG - Skywalker OG
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    G13 Kush (G13 x Hindu Kush)

    vancouverseedbank and hemp depot are my canadian banks of choice, both are legit and have a great selection...
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    G13 Kush (G13 x Hindu Kush)

    sorry, my bad. the pic i was thinkin of was kush kush blue kush. they used the same pic as barneys 8 ball ;-)
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    G13 Kush (G13 x Hindu Kush)

    that pic has been used by barney 4 yrs, he claimes its a 8-Ball Kush, have a look & compare, ots the same pic ;). funny, dont believe barney either
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    G13 Kush (G13 x Hindu Kush)

    company uses others pix, without permission. e-mailed them calling them out... no reply. buyer beware !
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    pure power plant

    ask around the 'Dam for the cut, known as pepe. this cut got the DNA boys thier start
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