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    Pure alien and other rarities

    Arms Race??? you are lightyears ahead of the game! what a high mark to set! truly inspirational..... i dont think i could immagine better looking buds!!!
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    White Kush here we go

    they both look great! smokem' then decide!
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    Organic Fire Aliens

    looks delish!
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    2010 Candyland Cross Survey-Create a strain!!!

    :character0027: dang candyman! writng all those labels is gonna take longer than its gonna take the seeds to develop! you are one hard workin mo fo! all that ish sounds great! whens the drop!?!?
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    Sour OG & Grass Knuckles v2<<>> Cracked<<

    frik man ! my mouth is watering!
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    I Met Reeferman On Friday.

    nice update! good lookin out nurlord i cant wat to try those cherry haze!:)
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    few urklewhite hybrids!!!

    aweome og4u&me!!!!! inspirational! i hope i can get some of them beans! :character0053:
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    Purple Urkle x The White Dry Bud Shots (2 phenos) ~SMF~

    beautiful!! nice work SMF. raising the bar!
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    Come on Reef, Come out come out where ever you are

    seeds reeferman, we would love to see more seeds please!!!! :muscle
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