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  1. TortureKill

    East Coast Vs. West Coast

    Lmao I was gna say its quite dry out here in the NE so I hear.. Im sure theyd love to smoke just about anything green.
  2. TortureKill

    am i the only farmer in pennsylvania

    nope, we out chea! lol NW myself.
  3. TortureKill


    Awesome. Stoked to see this one. I had some of these in the stash before they were taken.. Hope u find some killers
  4. TortureKill

    dip & grow

    I love dip n grow all I use for cloning. I get 100% or near strike rate everytime. I razor cut, skuff, and stir the cutting around for about 10 seconds and root in fine peat. Once I see the first roots I dry out the medium, and the first watering is a diluted hygrozyme solution. Fastest rooting...
  5. TortureKill

    Trying To Acquire Cbd Oil For Friend With Cancer

    Can anyone vouch for the online vendors? Im looking for the capsules or drops preferably.
  6. TortureKill

    Truth about twin marijuana plants!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Pics Included)

    I grew out some Nepalese highland a while back, I was regularly sprouting double and triple plants from single seeds. Ive seen it with other varieties, but the Nepalese stands out as producing several twins and triplets.
  7. TortureKill

    Sour Dubble Crosses By Cannarado #stupid Loud

    Very nice, im a huge fan of cannarado and his work. Good man.
  8. TortureKill

    CO Bud Shots

    Thats HAOG x LT is nice. I cant wait to get back to growing and breeding with the lt. Ive got some Lemon Larry ogk x lemon thai im dying to get back to, and some wicked hybrids ive been dreaming up. Matter of time.
  9. TortureKill

    Hows The Weather In Your Neck O The Woods?? And What Are You Doing Today???

    Beautiful day at the homestead. Taking the canoes, and kiddos out for a float! Havent been on the creek in years. Get the kids a bit of experience on the creek, and some reflection and relaxation for this guy. Love taking the kids on adventures.
  10. TortureKill

    Trying To Acquire Cbd Oil For Friend With Cancer

    Edit. Thanks frebo I will most definitely look into that right away
  11. TortureKill

    Trying To Acquire Cbd Oil For Friend With Cancer

    I appreciate the replies family. I want to help her so badly. I've found the legal be vendors online but as u, I do not know if its legitimate. Soser plz contact me . She is stage 4 and the sooner the BTR. I want nothing but to heal her or at least try. I would feel terrible if something...
  12. TortureKill

    Trying To Acquire Cbd Oil For Friend With Cancer

    A longtime friend of mine has been fighting cancer now for almost 2 years. It's a rare type that began in the breast tissue, and after nearly 2 years of treatment is coming back with a vengeance. She has tumors popping up everywhere and is losing hope. We had talked about the cbd oil a while...
  13. TortureKill

    Looking For New Strain Ideas

    Apparently you've never tried Schrom x C99? This was prob one of the best c99 hybrids Ive grown to date. Incredible smell and flavor. Was like a Tart berry glazed with honey. Incredible trichome profile. Very crisp sativa high.
  14. TortureKill

    New breeding project

    No this one is on the east coast, and its just call Ghani, or ghani bud. Ive grown many of the seeds out but havent found one that is near the potency or looks of the old 1970 circa mother thats still alive. They inbreed the mother plant every 4-5 years. But its basically an IBL. There's two...
  15. TortureKill

    MC`s Forest Adventure

    Wow man, I could imagine. You have a whole new series of obstacles and hurdles. You're very creative and persistent MC, I know you will figure it out. I wish you all the luck this season. I pray to Shiva upon entering and exiting my garden, and it seems to have been working. I will add an extra...
  16. TortureKill

    MC`s Forest Adventure

    Wish you luck with everything MC. If you've got a seedling heat mat, or can get any kind of heat in the root zone, you will see some explosive growth from those seedlings. In the past Ive used those heated wire types that you lay right into the medium, and bury. Ive had excellent results with...
  17. TortureKill


    I had an issue with A big Alien#4 girl not wanting to finish flowering in a ~30Gal Smarpot. She grew like 14' tall and was late to trigger flower. Wasnt even mid way when the snow began. Reminded me of some kinda haze, def no haze genetics to be found. I credit this to too high Of alfalfa mix...
  18. TortureKill

    Hows The Weather In Your Neck O The Woods?? And What Are You Doing Today???

    High Of 20 today, Theres a big snow storm coming out of the NE.. Glad im off work today. Daydreaming about spring, and formulating a game plan for my outdoor. Shooting for 50#
  19. TortureKill

    I Need Seed Info

    I dont think you have access to the bay until u have 50 or so posts.. I believe thats how it was when I joined atleast.
  20. TortureKill

    Any Co Residents Open To Teaming Up?

    "gimme the shitty one.." lol
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