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    Ed Rosenthals Marijuana Growers Handbook

    Read everything you can here on the Farm, and save a buck. You will learn a whole lot more and have a chance to dialog with the members. (my 2 cents) Happy farming, FJ
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    MC`s Forest Adventure

    The info is relevant to most carbureted motors (not just motorcycles): Most older motorcycles have a fuel petcock valve mounted on or nearby the fuel tank to control the supply of gasoline. In the United Kingdom it is known as a petrol tap. Meriden Triumph Bonnevilles have two petrol taps...
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    white fire og #3

    I apologize for my haste response as I was not aware he was referring to Kromes Wifi #3 specifically. To answer your question Venom, no that particular cut is not one I have in house. I was referring to OG Raskals latest release... Sorry for the confusion. :fighting0085: FJ
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    Container Size

    Point 1) Some roots can grow as deep as the tree is high. The majority of roots on most plants are however found relatively close to the surface where nutrient availability and aeration are more favorable for growth. Rooting depth may be physically restricted by rock or compacted soil close...
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    Container Size

    :yes What he said.
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    white fire og #3

    We have White Fire and White s1 about to hit the testing phase. If you have the patience I'm sure she will be hitting the shelves of Avalon Wellness Collective in Long Beach, and/or Downtown Collective in downtown L.A. upon completion of testing. FJ :weed-sign:
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    Spider mites and lady bugs

    Floramite for the win...or you can beat your head against the wall trying all the home remedies and snake oils. I'm not saying that there aren't other ways to totally eradicate them...well yes I am. (and now its time to hear about all the negative aspects of floramite) :anim_10: FJ
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    hi there ........

    Welcome to the Farm Greenglow, Nice to meet ya. :handshake
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    MC`s Forest Adventure

    Check the petcock valve, or there may possibly be a small hole in the diaphragm. There is always the possibility of vapor lock...are the fuel lines situated in a way they could be heating up? FJ
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    calcium in soil

    Greensand is a great source of potassium, but for additional calcium I would go with something like oyster shell flour, Azomite, powdered coral, Dolomitic Lime (this can lead to excess magnesium so be careful), Calcium sulfate, even EWC (earth worm castings) provide additional calcium as well as...
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    Some more Aliens Muhahaha

    KILLING IT! nuff said. FJ
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    Sterile or beneficials in te UC

    I personally prefer Aquasheild....all the protective enzymatic action without the ph fluctuation. Nutrient solution temperatures are the biggest concern with these systems. Zone is not effective against every type of pathogen/slime/harmful bacteria or fungus. IMO a living solution is the best...
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    Looks like a genetic defect to me. It shouldn't effect the end game. Keep an eye on them to see if it spreads, may be some form of fungus or infection. FJ
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    Can't keep PH up...

    Drop the EC and the PH should rise. Adjust as needed to maintain a ph of around 5.3-5.8 in RDWC (allow your ph to swing a bit). FJ
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    Gluing Panda Film to Walls?

    The simplest way to hang it is to staple the top Straight and let gravity do the rest. Secure the bottom and sides and your rock and roll, glue would be a tad over kill.
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    watchgator for og genetics seed company?

    I'm testing the Wolly OG and the Pacific Coast Kush now. So far things are looking good and I believe I've found a keeper of each strain. The seeds were obtained from OG Genetics at the 2011 Medical cup, the germ rate was good and male/female ratio was okay. The ladies are still a few weeks...
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    liqiud karma

    LK is a kelp/humate blend with some Amino acids. It is a great additive and will help to stabilize PH. If you want a good organic booster try liquid bone meal, or brew up some guano tea. The mineral based boosters will be available right away, but the organics will show you love all the way to...
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    Link to a 100-125 gallon reservoir that doesn't cost $350!

    I use Home depot 97 gal. trash cans, the price is right and they work great. FJ
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    Adjust-A-Wing Knock OFF ?

    The only real difference is the gauge of metal used for the wing....oh and the price :nod FJ
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    This album is dedicated to all the haters and nay sayers ... 12 Plant 16K

    Do you plan on defoliating at all, to allow more light to the inside of them fat girls ? What is your feeding routine ? Are you planning on adjusting the height of the light on any set schedule ? Looks like a fun project, it will be interesting to see your results. Best of luck, FJ
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