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    I'm trying to figure out how to pm you regarding the v+b promo code. can you help me?

    I'm trying to figure out how to pm you regarding the v+b promo code. can you help me?
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    Jacks Vs Hydroponic Research

    sending a pm your way re: the v+b
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    Alien Double Dawgs, Heavy 16, & symbiote420

    looks beautiful fido
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    hi sym! how did you like the rare dankness rectangle? did you guys grow that out yet? fido
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    My 2nd Pisces' test grow...Colombian Kush!

    sym following your grow your bro fido
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    Stardawg Guava wins 1st place Sativa Denver Cup

    congrats and soooooo happy to see you are feeling better! fido
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    Trees and Aero

    i keep re-reading this thread. loving the detail fido
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    "Inline" water pump - recommendation?

    what brand of pump is your favorite? fido
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    Loompa's headband

    hi fido here! quick question do you remember generally what ppm levels you fed them as seedlings thru harvest?
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    DIY Earthbox/Modded Hempy

    this is really intresting! thanks fido
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    *** TopDawg Seeds - Guava #13 ***

    they dont hear you though. but i do fido from philly
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    MPB Problems Root Rot

    thanks for the input! im gonna leave it alone
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    MPB Problems Root Rot

    reading some older post i ran across a og that has been growing a long time and was runing buckets and dwc stuff for years and he said that they never had die off because they used a product called RIDOMIL. its like 1 drop or 1 ml to ten gallons in the system and you wont have any more root...
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    doubleds 10 lb plant/room test.

    What's in the box? Awww, what's in the boooox?! fido
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    NL5xAfg and Critical Skunk Grow Show

    need more! how do you make that? show me how! fido
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    11K/10 Plant Mpb Recirc / Custom

    sweet! fido
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    doubleds 10 lb plant/room test.

    what he^^^ said fido
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    Aeroponics vs DWC

    can you draw me a picture of this layout?
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    23 strains of Elite Genetics Seed Co

    what he^^^^said. dont be a bunch mooks. he's setting ya'll up for a rip. dont send him a dollar until u see some shit grown out with your own eyes or someone who you trust puts eyes on growth. i could be wrong but when u have any doubT THERE IS NO DOUBT run! cause...
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    Psst wonna buy a bridge...

    prices?? looks great down there fido
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