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  1. Dr.Pepper

    Need HELP. Brown spotting/curling & canoeing leaves

    i think, personally that the patterns on the leaves in the PICS above look like nutrient burn of some sort. I actually saw something like that when i overdid it with Epsom Salt when i first started growing,,,,
  2. Dr.Pepper

    Slight Yellowing + Brown Spotting - Help

    i think it looks like nutrient burn, not too bad though, but i would put money down on the fact that the plants shown DO NOT look underfed
  3. Dr.Pepper

    Help me ID(entify) the problem !

    Ok so first off, i've been growing indoors for nearly 16yrs on and off so i am quite experienced but this batch of clones i bought from a good clone source ARE driving me CRAZY !!#*! let me first start by saying i have grown many successful crops with the EXACT same set up and methods. So i...
  4. Dr.Pepper

    Can You Help Me Make A Good Juice With Shatter For My Pen?

    Ok so i'm looking for tips and techniques for making a "sauce" out of Bubble hash to fill a Bubbleman Brand Trinity Pen. I have 14grams of mixed(I made a HUGE mistake and mixed all grades up), BubbleHash 1mL of Blue River terpenes and a Revlon Hair Straightener as materials/tools to use. I am...
  5. Dr.Pepper

    Canna Aqua Vs Canna Substra In Current Culture

    good info in here. hopefully i can avoid any such issues in the future.
  6. Dr.Pepper

    Canna Aqua Vs Canna Substra In Current Culture

    this is a strange issue you had... makes no sense to me what they advised you on. i haven't ever used Aqua. I have been researching their line lately and comparing it to H&G so i was just repeating what i read in their Canna Talk mag. Very Strange....
  7. Dr.Pepper

    Rockwool Croutons Ph Rise Issue.

    i think you may benefit from using a Base Nutrient formula like Canna Aqua A&B or H&G Aqua Flakes A&B that is designed for recirculating system with pH buffers that will help stabilize your res pH. I have read alot about how these two Base Nutes make a big difference in recirculating systems...
  8. Dr.Pepper

    Cornbread, Cookies And Cream, Star Killer And Kimbo Kush Grow

    ^ i used to use that exact method for PM in flower. Always works and non toxic. h2o2 turns into water in a couple of seconds after it oxidizes the PM. No residuals is the best part.
  9. Dr.Pepper

    Canna Aqua Vs Canna Substra In Current Culture

    this advice you posted that was from Canna is confusing. i have read in their Canna Talk mag that the Canna Aqua A & B base nutes were designed for rdwc or any Recirculating hydro system. There was also an article i read that explained the Substra line and how it is designed for low CEC (Cation...
  10. Dr.Pepper

    4th Grow Barney's Farm Critical Kush And Tangerine Dream Feminized Seeds

    looking good. this is a great strain. Had some amazing Critical Kush buds shared with me in the past 2 years from different growers. Seems like a very consistent strain in terms of good production and quality. Interested to tag along and see your results !
  11. Dr.Pepper

    house and garden rumor

    i hope H&G is just as good now, as it was when they manufactured it in the Netherlands! best nutrient line i've ever used in 12+ yrs of hydro growing.
  12. Dr.Pepper

    GM's photo gallery

    what up BP! Hope you're having a good summer!
  13. Dr.Pepper

    Plagron Nutrients Aka: Purple Bottle

    damn all this talk about Green Sensation has got me real interested. The Dutch know what they are doing, no doubt about it!
  14. Dr.Pepper

    anyone using "terpinator" ?

    best part is, the manufacturer has no ingredients to list as i thought this formula could contain catalysts like Fulvic Acid and enzymes but no info to document anything of the kind leads me to believe its just 0-0-3. fulvic acid and enzymes will no doubt help terpene production but its...
  15. Dr.Pepper

    anyone using "terpinator" ?

    furthermore, N-P-K , Ca, Mg, S, Si, Mn, B, Zn, Fe and Mo fed plants have been producing Terpenes and Oils for millions of years. Bio-Chemical processes within the plant have proven to be involved in Oil/Terpene production so what can be so magical about Terp (as you call it) that will have such...
  16. Dr.Pepper

    anyone using "terpinator" ?

    LOL... endora is having a hard time quantifying any real results on this product. Must be in your head then. Without empirical evidence in the form of scientific studies, all nutrient/additive claims are just that..................uh,ummm.......... CLAIMS. ps. here a direct quotation from...
  17. Dr.Pepper

    House And Garden Nutrients Questions

    try out 1Ml of A & B parts to a nutrient mix. Remember to mix it thoroughly before adding B. If your plants need more, ramp up to 2Ml of A & B Cocos. H&G is great stuff. You will see.
  18. Dr.Pepper

    anyone using "terpinator" ?

    dubious claims on this product since environment, plant genetics and bio chemistry are the deciding factors of how much and what terpenes are present.... sure there are substances that help this process, N-P-K Ca, Mg, S, B, Mn, Zn, Fe, Cu and Mo do alot of that by themselves!
  19. Dr.Pepper

    Best Full Figured Ladies

    damn, those last two pics are featuring some near-perfect booty!
  20. Dr.Pepper

    Plagron Nutrients Aka: Purple Bottle

    never used Plagron, but it is a well established brand in Europe so i would expect very high quality from the Eu Market!
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