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  1. bonkia

    Freeze Drying Bubble Hash..

    I read somewhere that thc sublimates over 1 tor of pressure. I tempted to beleave them. I pressed some of the bubble I freeze dryed and I didn't get shit from it.
  2. bonkia

    Freeze Drying Bubble Hash..

    Hello farm fam!!! Long time no talk. Weeds legal in cali! Trump is president..... I have a legal cannabis business and I'm needing some help so I don't loose my ass. So, I bought a freeze dryer I hear all the cool kids use it to dry there bubble had only issue is I read on another forum that...
  3. bonkia

    GroBot Evolution

    In did dog down an additional three freer into the ground to give myself some more growing space though huge help.
  4. bonkia

    GroBot Evolution

    Grow bot is a huge pain in the ass, I have has zero issues with the harvest excel. Let me know when you want to vend those deps gimmie gimmie. Lol
  5. bonkia

    Alien Genetics Review

    That is fucking awesome!!!
  6. bonkia

    Over 90% males from seed? Help needed from indoor growers

    The thing that comes to mind here for me is the old timers.. Ziplock in a window seal.. Even back then they believed 50% females was what to expect. Some springs much hotter then others, some colder cloud cover days ect. 100's of years different enviromental change and yet still expected a ratio...
  7. bonkia

    Optimal Distance to Light?

    Is that sour? Looks like it 0.0
  8. bonkia

    Optimal Distance to Light?

    Personally, I have my room dialed in so I never move my lights up or down. they grow up into the light if I got a couple shortys ill even the canopy with smaller pots to add hight to the required lvl. I get a little over a gram a watt. If you look at the large ops in Canada the lights appear to...
  9. bonkia

    Over 90% males from seed? Help needed from indoor growers

    Racist seeds!! They needed a male army to overcome the tyrant. Perhaps some pinks and purples to help get the point across.
  10. bonkia

    Over 90% males from seed? Help needed from indoor growers

    Reminds me of pshycology class Tabla rasa..
  11. bonkia

    Over 90% males from seed? Help needed from indoor growers

    Seems like two schools of though on this a, environmental B, predetermined sex nothing you can do. (Doesnt matter how warm or cold Mommas tummy is, you can't make that girl grow a penis.) followed up with the frightening Rilization of not being able to play tackle football on thanksgiving...
  12. bonkia

    My plant's leaf's getting yellow

    Merit also nukes all your benies. I used merit for a year out of fear of root aphids. Still seems to have a healthy swarm.. Caps benies make the plant happy and kill the pests.
  13. bonkia

    Lack of Vertical Integration Will Kill the Basement Grower

    Ligt depos are ending the indoor grower... Everyone is passing off light dept as indoor and well... Some even looks better! Soo, I bought one and yep..... It looks as good if not better then my indoor.. At a fraction of the cost. I see no massive warehouses in the future.. IMO you want good...
  14. bonkia

    I got her at avalon but what is she?

    I would have put my money on a spider mite origy Aswell. Perhaps, frost over thrips = spidermites? Does that math check out squag?
  15. bonkia

    Building new rooms. What wall covering ??

    I hate Sheetrock black mold everywhere! Not to mention it retains the moisture so your ph is higher! I prefer plywood with white paint. It's easy to handle and it will last longer.
  16. bonkia

    A Growing Job

    Written agreement, is a great awnser everyone's bro this and that until the money comes in. Think about everything involved is he gonna expect you to trim? Do you have to reset everything by yourself? Are you splitting meds upfront? or the donations at the end... ect, exr Wager for 5 private...
  17. bonkia

    Organic Cloning? --Just Realized I've Been Using Poison!

    I root with azos now get roots in a week! It's really cheap too, I've been useing the same $30 bag for over a year and I clone alot...
  18. bonkia

    Can't wait for this lighting tech to come around

    Those lights are cool. Even as supplemental they would be amazing!! I wish there was a battery back up. Also, I don't have nearly enough light to run those. Would be soo worth it to save on that massive pg&e
  19. bonkia

    Testimonials For Caps Bennies

    Farmer or farmers something like that. It's a fat discount. I think if you buy all 3 it's free shipping.
  20. bonkia

    Aliens take over light dep

    The two boys I picked. They needed water that's why he was pouting.
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