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    coffeeshop voyager has new owners

    super lemon haze is a good deal for 10E/g sour power was a nice sour diesel I like this shop, always nice stuff well grown. One of the rare !
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    East Coast Sour Diesel(clone) gallery

    nice buds mate ! I love the look of that sd, and the huge foxtails.. reminds me of the smell each time i see her. enjoy the smoke :) ++
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    iViva Mexico! Cabrones

    surf, party, and some of the most beautifull girls on earth, another place i need to visit.... :-)
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    Best Strain for a Small Cabinet Grow

    autoflowering is for outdoor imo, you can induce flowering whenever you want indoor... you take cuts from a mother plants, start flowering as soon as they root, and yield and quality should be better (all females, all good genetics) - even if some autoflo are quite good, most of them are...
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    NL/Amsterdam -> 23july till 5august - Canna Tour

    hello ojd... thanks for the tip on the katsu, ill try to be back to check their black widow..; i ve bought their SAGE last week end, nice sativa, taste ok, nothing special... i m just waking and baking with some SSH, X18, Nepal, Morrocon.. wityh my new bubbler... 21euro; amazing price, and...
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    NL/Amsterdam -> 23july till 5august - Canna Tour

    hey herbalistic ! 3 days = 500Euros.. that is the dam... fucked up half of my bank account, still three weeks of holidays, only a week has passed.. LOL Mellofello, mate we'll talk through pm for sure.. i ll be there on sunday ! just broke my new bubbler this morning..shit happens...
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    NL/Amsterdam -> 23july till 5august - Canna Tour

    i m there, smoking some nice hash : nepal, cream, king hassan, and more... will do some reports later... anybody is around amsterdam atm ?
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    NL/Amsterdam -> 23july till 5august - Canna Tour

    up ! nobody s around ?????
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    NL/Amsterdam -> 23july till 5august - Canna Tour

    Hello my fellow friends from Thcf ! Thanks to the good people who gave me great advices on my last trip to amsterdam, a month ago, i had the best time there ever, smoking some of the best hashs on the planet... it cost me about 300E in hash for two days, and to be sent to my place...
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    Please have a look at this...

    Hi haze ventura... I ve had this kind of problems a few times. For me it was : - some kind of fungus/bacteria, which i treated with some products containing anti fungus : Myclobutanil , to be found in gardening shops - pests, called Tarsonems.. really hard to get rid of them...
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    Light Spectrum vrs. Intensity

    Hello Jadins Journey ! thanks a lot for this post, very nice to share your tests ! i ve made my whole grow under 400mh + 600 hps, i must say i m not very impressed by the results in term of weight, but i m sure i ll be satisfied with the taste and potency, looks very nice so far... i...
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    East Coast Purple Diesel Test Grow

    very nice plants ocanabis ! can t wait to see them flowering... keep the good job bro ! ++
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    Maximum room temperature?

    Temperature is not the only issue, air flow is also. high temperature needs big air flow.... still i would nt go for more than 28/30 degrees C. The warmer, the harder it gets to control the grow : nutrients, watering, pests are getting out of control very quickly. i wonder how you...
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    Anyone wanne test Price winning genetics ? he he

    i can t wait to see the grow reports to start ! :) thank for giving up those seeds karma, very nice of you !!!! Let's grow :harvest:
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    Diezelburners 3 strain grow

    Hey bro !!! Very nice set up and strains ! not much more to say !!! the purple stems are nothing to worry about if the plants are healthy... you can change from one nutrient to another without stressing the plant, i ve done it a few times.... ++
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    Jamaican Sunshine#3 x OgersKush

    Hi D9420 ! very nice girls, and interesting cross ! it seems the og k is quite dominant in the cross, lemony/fuel taste, and couchlock is certainly coming from there.... we still can see the influence of the jamaican in the stretch and yield, it seems... the f2 should give some very...
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    Hello Farmers!

    Welcome on thc farmer, european neighbour.... i ve loved the south coast of ireland where i sailed few years ago.... ++
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    Hello farmers, BKG is here!!

    nice buds !!! and organic !!! welcome to the farm !
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    Hey everyone!

    you ll see, learning to grow is infinite... the more you learn, the more you want to learn.... enjoy thcfarmer !!! see you there ;-)
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    Cannabis saved my life- Hello to all.

    Hello MIZZ, Huge welcome to the farm !!! i used to have ophtalmic migraines, but only once every two weeks or so... since i ve been smoking, i don t have them anymore... i can t even remember how bad they were, hopefully... Glad you find your medication, life is precious and has to be...
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