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  1. 619ster

    Looking for ideas on a temp flower space!

    Ok so I have a slight dilema. I have inspections coming up soon at my grow spot where I keep the flower room. I am looking for ideas to setup a temporary flower space. I have asked around to see if any friends have a space I can use and no luck so far. I don't want to rent an apartment for a...
  2. 619ster

    Alien Rock Candy in the 619

    Hey all!! Hope all is well in your gardens. I started some Alien Rock Candies a couple months ago. Just been vegging thus far, and wanted to share some phenos I found out of 5 seeds I popped. I will be taking cuts soon, and upcanning the girls to get them ready to flower shortly. I have kept...
  3. 619ster

    Eskimo Kush by 619ster

    Figured I'd post up some pics of my Eskimo Kush at 20 days in flower. Will continue to update things from here on.
  4. 619ster

    Herijuana OG

    Got a nice Herijuana OG going. Just figured I'd share for those who'd like to see since I couldn't find any pics or info on the strain (well besides that Mota made the cross). Feeds well and is fast flowering. Can yield very nicely if dialed in. Crap yield if not lol. Here she is at 5 weeks:
  5. 619ster

    Dynasty Seeds Cosmic Brain (Space Queen x Oregon Afghani)

    Anybody else running this strain? I got them as freebies from Sannie's shop and seems pretty promising from the looks. I hope it's fire!!! I'm really impressed with the crosses and strains Dynasty and Proffesor P are working with. Haven't picked up their gear yet, but this Cosmic Brain called my...
  6. 619ster

    White Fire by 619ster

    Hey y'all! I'm too lazy to start a grow journal just yet, but here is a little White Fire OG I'm growing. She is at 50 days in these couple snaps. I'll have more when I chop at day 60. Enjoy...
  7. 619ster

    Cherry OG

    Figured I'd throw up pics of my Cherry OG from Emerald Triangle. My camera or memory card are having technical difficulties so pics are a bit corrupt. Hope y'all enjoy!
  8. 619ster

    House of Funk genetics and Bodhi?

    Just ordered some Chem Glue (Chem #4 x Snow Lotus) and about to give it a run. They have crosses with Snow Lotus male from Bodhi, so I was wondering if House of Funk is collaborated with Bodhi, or if Bodhi is actually a part of House of Funk? Either way their gear looks dank to me, and some nice...
  9. 619ster

    Dinafem OG Kush???

    I've always been a fan of Dinafem as everything I've grown from them has been pretty solid and fit descriptions. Now they got an OG Kush coming out???? Seen it on the Attitude promo. I wonder what they're doing to make all these lost strains available in seeds? S1's? Backcrosses? Or good ol...
  10. 619ster

    LED Grows by 619ster

    Hey Farmers! Figured I've been here long enough, and haven't seen as much drama in the LED world. So time to come out with it. I LOVE my LEDs!!! And I've been growing with them for over a year, and my results have been quite the opposite of what they are "known" for. But I'm not here to rub it...
  11. 619ster

    Delicious Seeds Fruity Chronic Juice

    First run on this strain. Never tried it. She's about 6 weeks in, and looks like 2-3 more to go. Outdoor grown in soil, steer maure, and compost mix. She's a frosty one. Anybody with experience who can let me know when to expect her to be ready?
  12. 619ster

    Pure Royal Kush

    What up Farmers! I have a strain called Pure Royal Kush from Gorilla Seeds I've been running for a little while and it's quite amazing IMO. I do have pictures of mine growing as well as finished product. I'll try to post those sometime when I get a chance. What I wanted to know is if anybody...
  13. 619ster

    Lurker coming out the woodworks :)

    High all! SoCal mmj cardholder and grower here. Been lurking and reading for a few months now, and I likes the environment here. I'm new to growing, but not to the industry. Been growing for almost 2 years, and been part of the business for about 10 years. I've done a bit of product testing, and...
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