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  1. slausongardens

    Process For 1.9 Cf Oven?

    hey everyone.. I just got a ai 1.9cf oven and don't really have any experience with it so I was curious what kinda process other people use with it. Just the basics would help so I can go from there and learn my own techniques. Thanks for any help its highly appreciated.
  2. slausongardens

    herijuana og male does the nasty with a butt ton of elite strains

    Thanks my man I hope it didn't mess anything up or wasn't too much of a waste of time. Didn't really have much info on that mom so it was a gamble thanks for checking it out. So far that one and the jilly bean cross have hermied. I've been spending this past year trying to find a solid male and...
  3. slausongardens

    herijuana og male does the nasty with a butt ton of elite strains

    I wish I still had these beans on bulk but I lost most of em. If you're interested in running any of these message me your addy and I'll send some. But u gotta run em, I don't wanna send em to sit in your fridge cuz they're doing that just fine right now at my spot :) and I wanna see how they...
  4. slausongardens

    herijuana og male does the nasty with a butt ton of elite strains

    Oh shit. That's awesome, I wonder if it comes from the purple sensi star, haven't seen it in any of the others unless I missed it
  5. slausongardens


    I think he rented a trailer from him before he got busted.. elite definitely had some good genetics in his stable and made a bunch of insane stuff at a time when no one else really had that stuff.. but based on what people say about him he was a scumbag lol but still responsible for some...
  6. slausongardens


    are u familiar with any of the work the guy your dissing has done? And given out to the community for free.
  7. slausongardens

    Cannarado Seeds

    He's not someone that just puts shit out and ime he only fucks with the best shit so if he's releasing it to the public it's probably something special.. and better then the packs other breeders are selling for 200 so it's in your best interest to pick those up for sure
  8. slausongardens

    herijuana og male does the nasty with a butt ton of elite strains

    Looks like candy man found a solid male in the alien kush x herijuana og, I sent him a bunch and I think he went through a lot and got something special.. he told me a few years ago when he found it and I just saw he used it in one of the strains on the new drop here.. that's real cool it made...
  9. slausongardens

    herijuana og male does the nasty with a butt ton of elite strains

    Sick man.. I'm glad someone popped one of these.. that purple sensi star was the bushiest plant I've ever seen with the tightest node spacing just branches.. and huge colas that fill the branches. I got the purple sensi star clone at a shop in Oakland few years back. Sounds like it's dominant...
  10. slausongardens


    We were getting a strain called florida Gump in Arizona in the early 00's.. a lot of people called it lemon head too. Straight lemon pinesol.. almost similar to og but not. Way louder and more lemon then pine.. it was a different kinda pinesol smell. I guess their grow got raided and we never...
  11. slausongardens

    Kosher Kush Aka Skywalker Og?

    A lot of misinformation in this thread and even a quote from leafly. Leafly is so wrong I can't imagine where they get their info. The clone only skywalker og is not kosher kush and it has absolutely nothing to do with dp skywalker, it's a pure og released by a warehouse grower in LA named Luke...
  12. slausongardens

    Insect Frass Fertilizer

    How much are u supposed to put per cf? I assume u could put a lot in and be just fine, like one cf to 8 cf soil. I have a lot and I think ima throw about 8 pounds into about 10 cf of soil. Any suggestions?
  13. slausongardens

    Grapefruit Lineage?

    I have a feeling it's gonna make a comeback here with the revival of these fruity flavorful strains like the oranges that are so good for concentrates.. I think grapefruit would make for dank concentrates from those terms. And there are a few but one really good one, I assume it's the one u say...
  14. slausongardens

    = The BEST OG Kush Clone Only=

    What are the traits of the tk in veg? Mostly 3 bladed leaves and super thin and viney stems with a lot of stretch and node spacing? Sound like the tk?
  15. slausongardens

    herijuana og male does the nasty with a butt ton of elite strains

    hey i tried to shoot you a pm but couldnt.. i was curious to how these came out for you? pm me or let me know here if you can, hopefully they were nice, i dont think i ever got around to running the white cross but was really interested in it.. i was curious if it lacked flavor? i assume it...
  16. slausongardens

    The lab of jaws!!

    Hey jaws I was checking out some beans I have of yours and was curious the lineage on the blood orange f2s? Any info would be appreciated.
  17. slausongardens

    Peyote Purple

    Weird that they say it's a bubba kush but it's so weak. I've grown it and it has nice smells to it.. nothing loud.. wasn't that strong and there is a sativa pheno that pops up a lot. Prettiest strain I've ever grown and has excellent bag appeal. A lot like the blackberry kush. I got one going...
  18. slausongardens

    Best Bagged Ewc?

    Agrowinn is the best I've tried. I think vital earth makes a good one.
  19. slausongardens

    Variety With Strong Pepper Flavor?

    Ortega Northern lights phenos Herijuana Hindu kush and maybe some afghan phenos.. I'd go with herijuana, I got a lot of earthy/peppery phenos out of the work I did with it. Stardawg produces some real garlicky smelling phenos that might come across peppery as well.
  20. slausongardens

    Cat piss

    Yes I got the same pack at an event in sf. Came with 6 beans.. grew some out but never got to see results. I think I have 2 or 3 left.. been curious to see what comes out of them and what the exact genetic makeup is.
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