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  1. powerplant

    Farmer Mix 2013

    Anybody know what might be found in this pack? Wtf is this shit?
  2. powerplant

    Girl Scout Candy

    Girl Scout Candy, all 3 phenos in veg.
  3. powerplant

    Welcome to the "After Life OG"

    1 of 3 Phenos, After Life OG
  4. powerplant

    Nitrogen Dificiency or Lock out???

    delete Double post delete thread
  5. powerplant

    Nitrogen Dificiency or Lock out???

    Starting on older leafs, and the deformed smaller ones. On the inner part of the plant that gets less light. Some browning on the roots LK I assume. Week 3 of Veg. Tap Water = 250ppms Base Nutes = 250ppms Cal mag = 1.5ml a gallon Liquid Karma = 1ml a gallon Total ppms 750
  6. powerplant

    Hello THC farmers

    Thought I join this site, so I could tighten my skillz up. Alot good info on here, see you around. PowerPlant
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