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    yeah @greenleafnutrients

    yeah @greenleafnutrients
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    (Fatman's) DIY nutrient mixing guide

    I am fairly sure its based on elemental N P K (not combined molecule value)
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    (Fatman's) DIY nutrient mixing guide

    I am not sure if you are talking about elemental ppm N:K or NPK ratio on N - K2O The ratio only changes based on what cycle the plant is in (veg or bloom). Otherwise, the dosage is based on the size/ light intensity, etc
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    (Fatman's) DIY nutrient mixing guide

    ' HI, for Cannabis, the 3-1-3 is good for veg, and 2-1-3 good for Bloom which is ballpark estimates. Calcium is also a required important secondary nutrient!
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    (Fatman's) DIY nutrient mixing guide

    For leafy green, you want Nitrogen dominant nutrient NPK. So, something like 5-3-3 would be good option. No, lost track of Fatman, he was paranoid type, but I guess rightfully so after spending all that time locked up
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    When To Use Nutrient Suppliments Vs Base Nutes.

    Some products have different ingredients compared to base nutrients, other products only have different ratios. For example, base nutrient has NPK's and trace. Using a PK booster like MOAB or Shark attack, boosts PK ... however also you could possibly just boost your base nutrient levels...
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    40kw Aptus/h16 Party!

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    Outdoor Ferts Timing

    you have plants now preflowering outdoor? yes you should be using bloom nutes once they start to flower.
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    Pure Coco Vs Perlite(or Whatever ) Mix What Are The Arguments

    For all you coco nuts, you can buy pallet's of the 5KG bricks directly from AHS for $3.50 per brick. Pallet is like 180 bricks so about $650 per. Make sure to wash it from salt well on first expansion. Much less expensive than hydro store bricks and they are all the...
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    Ac/dc Clone Only, Ca

    my friend grew those out, and it tested like 1:1 ratio Synergy Wellness apparently has legit ones. I have a few clones in San Diego right now, I tested them and they are legit got them from a friend in LA.
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    58,000 watts 20 tons a.c. and raceway rollers

    I like those rollers, would make it very easy to do a hybrid greenhouse indoor/outdoor system!
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    CDL the new CMH

    but the issues is, from what I can tell, Philips doesn't supply the ballast/fittings and other 3rd party companies do. So I don't know if money grab is simply the case, the 315W are slightly more efficient than the 400W CMH The new 315W Green Power have the highest PPM/W available currently.
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    Advice on PH & PPM/EC Meters please

    I like to use just the simple pH indicator solution in a vial, or some ph test papers for ph. For the ppm/ec you can get a fairly basic meter depending on your application.
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    DECAP - Anyone have frostier nugs than this???

    Goat this is fantastic work, I didn't see but do you have a grow journal? Looks like good genetics and good grow skills would like to learn more about the work behind this! best
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    got rot ? protect your roots with prevention

    Aerated Compost Tea's I think are very effective methods to help overall plant health, and prevent root rot.
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    Cheap alternatives to overpriced hydroponic nutrients

    Your best option is to not mix an intermediary 'jug' concentrate. Nutrient precipitation/dissolve rate occurs in accordance with concentration, so mixing a higher concentrate formula will more likely have issues with this. If my understanding of your situation is correct, the best advice...
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    (Fatman's) DIY nutrient mixing guide

    Super Bud Blaster looks like a clone of MOAB, and I believe there is that formula already posted around here somewhere.
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    Looking for High CBD Strians.

    yeah my guess is that most likely it would be a concentrate type product if the total #'s are over 30%
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    What constitutes probable cause to get a warrant in California

    apparently, don't be a grower in San Diego is the latest message Saturday, July 20, 2013 San Diego Superior Court Judge Denies Medical Marijuana Collective Cultivation Defense, Defendant Headed for Appeal...
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    Alcohol Extraction

    ok here's a question, since Methanol and Hexane are not miscible, if you simply washed hexane with methanol, would that separate the chlorophyll/cannabinoids as well?
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