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  1. TSD

    Should be treating this as a Possible potassium

    Damn that's a lot of work...think I'll stick to soil lol.
  2. TSD

    What container sizes does everyone use?

    I cook mine for like a month... I'd say two weeks is probably the minimum... as far as maximum, as long as you keep it moist I think it would last quite a long time... it has to be moist for the microbiome to survive and thrive.
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    Transplanted about a week ago, now this... what is it?

    I usually use neem or insecticidal soap if I have any pest issues because I try to keep it as organic as possible. Is that stuff leaps and bounds better than those? It would have to be at that price lol. I don't mind spending on products that work well, I dropped the money for the Dutch Science...
  4. TSD

    Transplanted about a week ago, now this... what is it?

    Yes I know, they are in the middle of my garden in my back yard and I need to be able to camouflage them a bit... I will be training them out as they grow and they will be in full sun literally all day and the placement of the garden the sun goes directly over in a diagonal path above my line...
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    Transplanted about a week ago, now this... what is it?

    They are looking good, I trimmed off the damaged leaves and thinned out the bottoms a bit because they were super thick. I saturated them with water from the river as well. I don't see any new signs of damage.
  6. TSD

    Transplanted about a week ago, now this... what is it?

    Yes I tried Dutch Science this year and I went a little hard the first time lol.
  7. TSD

    Transplanted about a week ago, now this... what is it?

    I was thinking that and trying not to panic and over mother them lol.
  8. TSD

    Transplanted about a week ago, now this... what is it?

    Nutrient lockout? Shock from transplant? I made my own soil mix, but it cooked for weeks... maybe it was a little hot... but I always do it the same way. Anyone?
  9. TSD

    Transplanted about a week ago, now this... what is it?

    Starting from undergrowth and apparently moving up. I've been so busy I just noticed. Is it some kind of pathogen? Other two adjacent plants are fine. Will check back later, running late. Help!
  10. TSD

    Fabric pots and watering... I'm probably overthinking it.

    So I'm putting a few of my ladies in 15 gallon fabric pots outdoors, and I'm having a hard time telling when they are fully saturated. Do you water till it leaks out the sides, till it pours out? Do you wait for the droop to water again? This is new territory for me and I'm second guessing my...
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    PLZ HELP! Weird leaf discoloration and death 2 grow in a row!! 😭😤

    To my eye it looks like too many nutrients and possibly too much water... and that last pic looks like eggs of some kind. After harvest I would bleach the room and start fresh, maybe with a different strain... some are more sensitive than others.
  12. TSD

    New inexperienced grower

    That's because it was bone dry and the water just poured from the top out the bottom without any soaking in... I agree it looks thirsty. I usually saturate mine over a course of a couple hours, it takes time for the water to absorb once they are very dry.
  13. TSD

    Little advice/help needed for a newbie

    Only thing I would say is keeping her watered properly and getting in enough nutrients is harder in a smaller pot.
  14. TSD

    Little advice/help needed for a newbie

    But.... why? Lol. They definitely can get root bound and die if you don't know what you're doing. Also, if his plant is a photo period monster size strain, that probably won't end well
  15. TSD

    Little advice/help needed for a newbie

    Yes it will get root bound and die if you don't transplant, needs room to grow. You can top it and/or train it down to look like a bush. Poke around this forum, it's a wealth of knowledge.
  16. TSD

    Is this light burn? Cal/mag deficiency?

    This is a clone I made from the top of one of my big girls, it's a couple weeks rooted. I haven't fertilized it since it took root cause the soil was super saturated... so it very well could be deficient in something, mother is healthy. I will feed asap and I raised the light just in case, it's...
  17. TSD

    What bro science do you use even though you know it may do nothing?

    I talk to them and tell them they'll be outside happy in the sun soon... but that's actually emitting CO2, so I'm filing that under under actual science lol.🤷‍♀️
  18. TSD

    Light stress/burn or nute burn? Or mag deficiency?

    They are very light in color... look like they want some nitrogen to my eyes and possibly a better watering regimen... but I'm far from an expert.
  19. TSD

    Is this from over watering?

    I've been running my softened water through a brita before giving it to the girls... what a pain in the ass, but they're happier since I started that.
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    Why not document my grow for once? Started indoors, will go out as soon as weather permits.

    Soil making day! Got most mixed and put into containers to cook for a few weeks. Organic soil from my local garden shop, peat moss, top soil, cow manure, worm castings, mushroom compost, bat guano, blood meal, bone meal, lime, Epsom salts, coffee grounds, eggshells annnnd a bunch of...
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