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    Root Rot Above the Water Line

    My water temp is 65F, and the water level is about 1.5in from the bottom of the net pot. No pictures but I'll take some. Tobor what do you mean a damp off product?
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    Root Rot Above the Water Line

    So this has actually happened to me a couple times now. Down in the water I have pretty nice roots, but above the water line I got rot. Has this happened to anyone else? How do you prevent rot where the water doesn't touch?
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    What is your fav product(s) for root zone health in your RDWC system?

    I am using Clorox with 6% sodium hypochlorite. Every bottle I buy says 6% I've never seen 5% Clorox except from other growers on the internet. Either or should work. I treat at 1.5 Tsp Clorox per 25 Gal of water. I add the Clorox to the epicenter every 3-4 days (mixed in with 1gal of RO...
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    What is your fav product(s) for root zone health in your RDWC system?

    I voted for Zone, cause that's what I used to use. But now I just use very small amounts Clorox bleach. Not only cheaper but more effective. The Cl in bleach not only acts as a preventive measure for root rot, it also can treat root rot (better than H202 in my opinion). Bleach is a growers...
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    Epicenter Nurse / Add Backs

    I mix 1tbl pH up (1/2 tbl pH down) with 1 gal of water and just do epicenter dumps with that. Dump a bit in wait 60 seconds dump some more in. I've never caused damage.
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    Something Besides Hydroton?

    Anyone use anything besides hydroton? I hate the stuff it's so messy. No matter how much I wash it, it seems I can never get rid of all of that red dust. I've completely given up on reusing it, roots cling to it too well. In a UC the medium's water holding properties aren't a factor. We...
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    CO2 Monitor/Controller

    If you own a CO2 generator, what type of controller/monitor do you use with it? I am about to purchase a liquid propane CO2 generator, but I can't decide on what type of controller to get with it. Please share your experiences. What model do you have? How do you like it? I've been looking...
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    Turning Off Fans at Night

    So here's the deal, I am planning on turning off my exhaust fans after lights off so my 70-pint dehuey can do it's job. My flower room is roughly 10'x15'x8'. I have 2 6" inline fans for exhaust, and 1 8" inline fan for fresh air intake, those are the fans that I am planning on turning off at...
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    Jury Conviction of 70yr Old Woman

    That's kinda silly when you could instead act very neutral on mmj, and when you get placed on the jury vote not guilty. Wait everyone else out, they will either come around to your way of thinking and vote not guilty just to go home, or you'll have a mistrial. Let these douche bag judges and...
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    Why were you going through your girlfriend's shit in the first place? Dating or not, that's kinda an invasion of privacy. Don't be that guy. Girls don't like you going through their shit any more than you want them prying through your cell phone...
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    Do Manufactures Use The Measurement BTU Consistently? (Mini split vs window A/C)

    Do all A/Cs rated at 12,000 BTU produce the same amount of cold air? Does a 12,000 BTU Window A/C cool a room as well as a 12,000 BTU Split A/C? Or do manufactures just kind of use what ever number they want and no one checks them on it. Here's my specific problem. Right now I have a...
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    Renting Property (Commercial Specifically, Residential Too)

    Believe me sir, I haven't forgot about any of that. What I want to know is how do you handle all that? Legal growers don't really up and move that frequently do they? Anyways 48 hours is not enough time to move a grow with all of it's equipment without a major crew (which I don't have). Plus...
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    Will a Plant Flower w/ 1hr on, 1hr off.

    It's actually all a moot point now. I got the veg intake fan taking cold air from my flower room right by the AC. That keeps the temp where it needs to be and not at 100 degrees. Thanks for playing though everybody.
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    Renting Property (Commercial Specifically, Residential Too)

    So what all goes into renting a property to grow at? I've only grown on my own property, but honestly it's not made for it at all. I was thinking of renting a small warehouse or small old factory. Something with more space and power than I need. When you rent a property what kind of...
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    Will a Plant Flower w/ 1hr on, 1hr off.

    The title is asking will a plant in veg flower under those lighting conditions. It may have been worded poorly, that's my bad.
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    I don't know if this is necessarily the right place, but it does say General Indoor Growing. Does anybody know anything about maintaining orchids? I know they're kind of labor intensive and require nutrients, but that's about it. My grandma has an orchid, and I want to help her keep it...
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    Will a Plant Flower w/ 1hr on, 1hr off.

    So I am having heat trouble in my veg room, and it will be about a week until A/C is up and running. So if I run my veg light 1hr on/1 hr off for a total of 12/12 my plants wont flower will they? I already know they won't but I just want someone to verify, and make sure nothing else wacky is...
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    What Happens If You Breed A Plant With It's Self?

    Poor title I know, but follow me and I'll elaborate. Take a good healthy female mother and take two cuttings. Flower the two identical female clones. Treat one with Gibberic Acid, and don't treat the other. Pollinate the true female with the GA treated hermie. Wouldn't the resulting seeds...
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    Let's See Your Scales

    So I am curious what everyone uses for a scale. The prices vary so greatly, as does the technology. So post a picture of what you use. I use a old old old Metter Toledo. I have to imagine it has to be at least 20 years old. It has a 200g max with a scale of .01 (200*.01, is that how...
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    Dyna Grow Protekt in EZ clone causing white crystal build up?

    When you are originally mixing up your solution are you adding the ProTek first? If you don't add the ProTek first (It says to right on the bottle if you look) you can have a problem. The K2SiO3 (potassium silicate) can bond with other minerals in the solution and fall out. It will form a...
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